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The style of the Hollywood regency in the bedroom-suite

The style of the Hollywood regency was born in the 30-s of the last century. It was this period that became the "golden age" for the world-famous Dream Factory. The style borrowed the features of the luxurious film decorations of the time, in which the neoclassic and modern combined. Its founder is the actor, who […]

The interior of the male bedroom as the embodiment of a lifestyle

Interior of the men's bedroom: simple and functional design The interior of the male bedroom should be a reflection of the character and preferences of its owner, and the tools to implement this idea can be properly selected materials and details. The key features of the rooms presented in this gallery are the restrained brutality […]

Non-banal ideas for creating an eclectic style bedroom

One theme, one color, one texture or a single idea – all this does not contribute to the organization of an interesting space in the style of eclecticism. Strange, but different things, mixed with each other, bring a feeling of carelessness in the room. By what things can you create a completely eclectic interior? Today, […]

Mediterranean style in the interior of the bedroom

The interest of our compatriots in this direction of design is quite understandable and understandable. The harsh Russian climate, characterized by a short summer period, a shortage of heat and sunlight, even in the warm season does not always provide an opportunity to relax and rest comfortably. The situation is easy to fix, using in […]

How to decorate a bedroom in an eclectic style – designer's advice

It's hard to focus the look when viewing this magnificent bedroom from Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design If the reader is not an adherent of any particular style in the interior and simultaneously feels a bit of rebellious spirit, then he should pay attention to eclecticism, and decorate, for example, a bedroom in this […]

A synonym for elegance: a bedroom in a classic style

One of the most expressive and popular decorative styles, indisputably, is classic. Among his admirers are representatives of all generations without exception. Expensive style for all time. Two words are enough to characterize the classic trend in design – elegance and nobility. The royal dignity and luxury of the bedroom interior in golden-white colors combined […]

Bedroom in classic style – 75 best photos of interior design ideas

A classic bedroom is an excellent solution for people who want to relax in a place from which flutters grace and tranquility. The room in which you spend a third of your life, gain strength for the whole day, is not designed for experiments and design innovations. Harmony of colors, natural texture, simplicity in lines […]

36 bedrooms in industrial style

Gray block walls and a little color – stylish bedroom A genuine, unpretentious and fashionable industrial style is gaining increasing popularity in recent years. At first, such projects were prompted by an urgent need, especially when reconstructing old factory buildings into living quarters. And then, thanks to cheapness and simplicity, they began to gain increasing […]

A bedroom in the style of Provence: coziness by inheritance

The bedroom is one of the most intimate home spaces. It is not intended for visits and collective gatherings. This is a place for a romantic pastime and relaxing rest, filling with the necessary energy to meet the morning of the next day with a good mood. And each design tool is subordinated to the […]