Become Picasso in your kitchen: the introduction of a chalkboard in the kitchen interior


Artfully painted chalkboard in the interior of the kitchen Elle Decoration UK via SF Girl by Bay

On our site, there are still big fans of chalkboard in the interior of the kitchen. The article will consider some fresh and inspiring uses for colorful boards in the interior. However, the main place of research will be one of the places you love – the kitchen.

Completely hung up kitchen walls make the kitchen from Dove Drury Hornbuckle in a particularly interesting

Here the kitchen is decorated a little differently, but also from Dove Drury Hornbuckle

Design Sponge decided that in this interior the apron would be a chalkboard

A cat depicted on a chalkboard will help you remember all the necessary things

Chalkboard – this is the interior of the kitchen, which can be changed at any convenient time. Heimatbaum

While the kettle is boiling, the chalky plaque located above the stove will have time to entertain you

Painted board – the right arrangement for young artists

Daily schedule on the chalkboard from Bernice & Eugene's LA home

No need to attach notes to the refrigerator. Now you can write on the refrigerator itself

Chalkboard in the interior of the kitchen, children's room, bedroom, living room – just so I want to design my apartment to make it as practical as possible and let my little daughter draw where she wants. It is interesting only how costly this repair will be.

Chalkboard in the interior of the kitchen will be an interesting accessory. On it you can write recipes for culinary masterpieces or love letters to your half.

Chalkboard in the interior of the kitchen is a brilliant option for any family. Honestly, it's brilliant because if there is a child in the house, he can leave it there every year and when it grows it will be reviewed if one person or a couple lives to do different notes or own masterpieces – decorations.

I noticed that the chalk board in the interior has recently become very popular, especially in the kitchen. And this is a great idea, the main thing is that it does not look fanciful and fit in colors and design.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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