Beautiful kitchen tables: original ideas for kitchen interior


The kitchen is one of the main rooms in every house. This is the place where the whole family gathers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, where they often meet guests and arrange friendly gatherings. This is exactly the room where the hostess spends most of her time. And therefore, the kitchen should be as cozy as possible, because the mood of such an important room for each member of the family can influence the overall atmosphere throughout the house, because it is here that the heart of the family hearth where each household receives vital energy.

That is why the interior design of the kitchen needs to be approached with all responsibility to get a comfortable, functional and cozy space. One of the main stages of arrangement of the kitchen is the choice of a dining table and this will be discussed later.

Each of us at least once in my life dreamed of a big friendly family gathered at a big table for a celebration or a quiet romantic candlelight dinner and a children's party with a big cake. And if you take a good look at the picture, it turns out that in all cases the table is the central one. I think everyone will agree with me that this is a very important piece of furniture, without which no family can manage. But how exactly should the dining table be, so that it becomes both functional and practical and, in addition to everything, fit into the situation of the room?

Variety of tables

So, to begin with, you should consider what are the models of dining tables and deal with the merits and shortcomings of each of them. According to the shape of the tables are round, oval, square and rectangular, but the design of the legs can be very diverse, exactly, as well as the height of the table.

There are many models with sliding mechanisms that allow an easy hand movement from a miniature table to make a huge dining table. However, this is not all surprises from the manufacturers, because the furniture market presents a huge number of models, which are adjustable height, which makes it easy to turn the kitchen table into a coffee table. Such designs of kitchen tables will be a real find for those who try to maximally rationally distribute space in a small kitchen.

Speaking about saving space, it is worth noting that round and oval tables will look harmonious in a spacious room, but a rectangular or square table moved to the wall will be an excellent solution for a small room.

What should be the kitchen table?

Important is the material from which the table is made, because in order for this piece of furniture to last a long time and while not losing its appearance, it must have a number of qualities:

Moisture resistance is a prerequisite for the long service of any piece of furniture in the kitchen, especially the table. After all, spilled water or tea, and simple wet cleaning in the absence of such an important quality will negatively affect the appearance.

The environmental friendliness of the material is one of the main conditions, otherwise how can you put food on a table that is made from a raw material that is hazardous to health.

Practicality is also an important component, because in order for the dining table to please its owners for many years, it must at least be reliable.

Among the many materials, of which today produce dining tables at the peak of popularity for more than one century, remains a natural tree. Such a table can easily fit into any style of interior, from rural country and ending with classics and aristocracy. No less popular today and glass tables, which will look original in the style of minimalism, high-tech and modern. It is worth mentioning that a table with a transparent table top can become a real salvation for a small kitchen, because even having a large enough surface, such a table top will not weight the space, while a table of the same dimensions made of dark wood will simply steal the lightness that glass will give. However, such models are not cheap, and not every family can afford such a luxury.

A more budget option is a table made of wood chipboard. As a rule, in such models, only the legs are made from the solid wood, and the worktop is made of pressed plate. To ensure that such a table has served for a long time, it should be protected from excess moisture, otherwise the surface can go bubbles or exfoliate. Less susceptible to moisture models with a laminate top.

How to choose the color of a dining table

It's no secret that to design a harmonious interior it is necessary to correctly choose the color combination of all elements of furniture, textiles, finishes and decor in the room. Therefore, the dining table in the kitchen should fit perfectly not only in style, but also in color. You can bind it to different elements. For example, it could be a floor covering, a kitchen set or the color of a technique. But often enough designers make the dining table the main accent of the room, which also looks quite original. A vivid example of such a solution can be an oval table with a glass top and a bright blue leg, similar to a large cocoon, in the interior of the kitchen with an interlacing of white and chocolate colors.

Just imagine a round white table with glossy shine, surrounded by bright orange chairs and a lamp with a shade of warm sunny shades in the neutral beige-brown interior of the kitchen. With this combination, the dining table will seem to be a source of heat and solar energy, which attracts the eye.

No less interesting will be a table of warm shades of wood in a black and white kitchen, if, of course, the interior is supplemented with certain decorative elements, so that the table does not seem lonely, for example, chairs or sofa cushions.

Depending on what style of interior is chosen for decorating the kitchen, the appearance of the table is also chosen – this is a well-known truth, and so does the color. However, in order not to happen so that the table you are presenting is almost impossible to find, you should look through catalogs of furniture manufacturers before the beginning of repair and get acquainted with the offered assortment. However, if you plan to make furniture to order, then this problem disappears and then you can safely fantasize, creating a unique interior design.

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