Beautiful design and functional comfort of an elegant children's room for three


Families can really be happy when they have children. And if the house is not one child, but two or three – it's just great!

Their happy and sonorous voices ring throughout the house. And from this it becomes warm and happy at heart. You want them to laugh at all times and glorious children's smiles did not come off their happy faces.

But parents of three children are always worried about the question of how to equip their children's room, especially if only one room is allocated for this purpose.

And here the parents are no longer laughing. It is necessary to think over a thousand little things! Creating an organic design for three children becomes a triple-complex issue.

For each kid should be provided for his personal area: a sleeping place, a wardrobe, a place for personal toys.

An important component will be the symmetry of the arrangement of all objects, so that the children have no grievances and envy to each other.

For example, look at this room design for three children.

Each child has a bed, a nightstand, a place for personal things and carpets on the floor. It is important that the furniture was made in the same style and design.

An unusual design solution is a coat rack, located above the beds, running along the entire wall.

This helps children keep their belongings in order. And if necessary, quickly reach the right clothes.

Original bedside tables have rounded corners and slots instead of handles. It not only looks beautiful and attractive, but also important in terms of safety – children will not be injured by a corner or pen during the game.

It should be noted that the combination of external appeal and security is an important component in the design of the children's bedroom.

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