Bathroom Tile: Design Ideas


Bathroom – the room is intimate, so it must have certain characteristics: simplicity, originality and most importantly – convenience. The most important components of these qualities is the finish of the floor and walls. There are a lot of options, however, the most recommended was the option of finishing with tiles.

Characteristics of tiles

After deciding on the choice of the bathroom finish, when buying a tile you should take into account the characteristics:

  • technical standards (here refers to the class of wear resistance from 1 to 5, and for bathrooms should stay no lower than in the 3 class);
  • the purpose of the tile;
  • parameters of coverage.

Types of tiles for the purpose

In the broad sense, tiles are used for walls or floors, but in some cases there is a problem of selecting tiles for stairs and ceilings. However, in its characteristics, only two types are distinguished: for walls and floors. Wall tiles are less resistant to chemical reagents and the abrasion of the surface layer, and it has a sufficiently high level of moisture absorption – up to 20%. The coating of this type of tile can be in the form of glaze, matte, with embossing and imitation of other materials.

Floor tiles, first, stronger than the wall; Secondly, it has a low level of moisture absorption – up to 5-6%; Thirdly, the surface of the tile is always made in a matt anti-slip version.


Depending on the materials used for the production of tiles, it is possible to distinguish 4 tiles:

– ceramic tile. The cheapest, but it does not say that its appearance has some flaws. Simply by its technical characteristics, it may be inferior to other types of materials;

– porcelain tiles. A material similar to natural stone, but less prone to breaking and splitting. Its composition is close to porcelain. It differs near-zero moisture resistance, is not afraid of frosts and sudden temperature changes. Most often used for flooring;

– a natural stone. With the development of processing technologies for building materials, this type of tile has become more in demand due to lower prices. Pure natural material, however, is inferior in terms of wear resistance to porcelain stoneware. It is also more susceptible to the development of various bacteria on the surface;

– Glass tiles. The most expensive pleasure from the presented series, capable of realizing the most insane fantasies in the interior of the bathroom. This type of tile can be used not only for finishing walls and floors, but also for decoration.

The color palette

When choosing the colors of tiles for the bathroom, in general, one important thing to consider is the lighting of the room. The darker the room, the more light the tile needs to be picked up. Designers distinguish several of the most successful color palettes for the bathroom:

This choice is for connoisseurs of style. Such colors are always fashionable – it's classic. With a combination of pure white and black with an accent, you can make a pleasant sensation of design sophistication. However, one must take into account that white color can cause a feeling of cold and lack of coziness, which is why you should pay special attention to the accent walls. In addition, a single-colored tile should be cleaned frequently (wash, wipe), since even the slightest mud, soapy spots or stains can be seen on it.

These colors are the leaders in the design of bathrooms. Blue is the color of water and like no other is suitable for a bathroom. Green – does not irritate, soothes and harmonizes the internal state. However, there is no need to forget about the accent: different fish, shells or boats in blue design or bright frogs in green will add flavor to the overall design of the room.

Successful alternative color palettes

Pretty beautiful in aesthetic terms will look floral tones. Violet or peach palette, pink palette – for young girls, red tones – for adults self-confident women and men. If you are constantly cold, then the best choice is yellow. This is the color of heat, summer and sun. In such a room you will not freeze even on a frosty winter day.

Tile size and shape

Despite a huge variety of color style options, and materials for tiles is not the last place in the finish has a choice of tile size and its shape. According to the classification of sizes it is possible to distinguish a standard tile, large, small and mosaic.

The size of the standard tile is 20 at 30 cm, therefore, the one that is larger than this size refers to the large, and smaller – to the shallow. Also, a mosaic is selected, making up the squares with the edge of 2-3,

Nuances of decoration

For the finishing of the bathroom, the choice of medium-sized tiles will be the most optimal – it will not seem too cumbersome, and on the other hand there will not be a lot of distracting joints.

Bathroom should be comfortable, warm and cozy, so more attention when choosing colors should be given light, warm tones. To visually increase the small room, it is recommended to use a tile with a reflective glazed surface or a mirror tile.

An important point in the laying of tiles is its orientation: to visually increase the height of the room you need to stop on the vertical layout. The floors are more advantageous for spreading space on the diagonal.


To give the interior of the room the originality, it is possible to apply a certain zoning or covering certain parts of the room with tiles. Depending on the area covered, there are three options:

  • tiling of the entire room;
  • facing up to a certain point. With a view of economy of means some owners of apartments tile a room on half of height;
  • finishing of contact zones. For example, the area above the sink or bathroom.

It should be noted that in the conditions of small, compact design rooms, only the first two options are suitable, since when using the third option, visual fragments of individual fragments can occur and a "heap effect" will develop. For spacious rooms, any of the three options are suitable.

Bathroom in classic style

The choice of the classical style shows the aristocratic nature of the owner of the apartment. To impart a classicism style in the interior of the bathroom, there is not enough one decoration of the walls with tiles – here you need a combination with marble and onyx. An important point will be the availability of antique furniture, combined with tiles. Particular attention should be paid to small things, applying the same tiles on the curb with small details or decor in the form of bronze elements. It should be understood that this style is suitable only for spacious high spaces.

Style minimalism

The very name of the style says that everything in this room should be used at a minimum. In the decoration of walls, ceilings and floors you need to use no more than 2-3 colors, and in one key. There should be a minimum of furniture, so the walls should be trimmed perfectly, simply and at the same time in an original way. As a result of the application of this style, additional space will be released in the room, the room will become more spacious and comfortable.

Country Style

Recently, more and more homeowners prefer the design of premises in the style of country. This style combines the use of natural materials (or imitating), and natural color scales. The tile can be selected for wood or stone. It is better to stop on brown, coffee, beige and green shades. Particular attention should be paid to accessories, which must be combined with the design of walls and ceilings.

Decorating a small bathroom

The main factor in the design of a small room is a visual increase in space. For this, there are certain techniques developed by designers and their experience:

  • colors in the design should be light colors;
  • for a rectangular room, the size of the tiles should not be more than 20×30, see, for square rooms – 20×20 cm .;
  • To visually increase the height, the tile must be laid vertically, to increase the width – horizontally;
  • It is not recommended to use a relief tile – it visually reduces space;
  • The surface of the tile should be glossy, glaze or glass, but in no case matte. Gloss – visually increase the room, matte surface – will reduce.

Tile in the spacious bathroom

If you own a large bathroom, the restrictions applied to the decoration of small rooms are automatically discarded and you are free in your decisions and design delights. Here the game of color, shapes, materials and accent elements is limited only by your imagination. However, in this case, you can overdo it and the room will become too variegated, and the finish itself will "crush", as a result, the room will become uncomfortable, and one of the defining factors of a successful bathroom design is comfort, coziness and comfort.

As a result of applying the above tips and recommendations for bathroom design, you can create a cozy comfortable environment in your room, which will differ in originality of design and functional convenience of each element, which are the most important components in the interior design process.

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