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Bathroom Ideas

Visual increase in the bathroom interior of a small area

A small footage can not be an obstacle to creating an original and stylish design. Just need to show some ingenuity, use light and color accents and pick the right shapes. Striped interior The favorite reception of many decorators, which face the task of visually raising the ceiling and expanding the volume of the bathroom, […]

Vintage foot bath in the center of the classic bathroom interior

Classic foot bath – this is the place for bliss, fun and dreams. Her image excites the imagination, while simultaneously recalling children's games with soap bubbles and romantic rest together. To update a vintage bath is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Especially for readers of the Interiors Rooms portal we […]

Use art deco to create a magnificent bathroom interior

Let's imagine that your bathroom has long been in need of repair, that you are tired of crumbling old tiles, rusty taps and old sanitary ware. But you like its layout and forms, and especially attract original wallpaper in retro style of unusual colors. Therefore today we want to tell the guests of the Design […]

Unusual ideas for bathrooms: accentuated details in functional interiors

On this page there are several available and simple enough ideas that will help to make the bathroom elegant, modern and functional. Fans of quality and beauty will certainly be interested in the projects of furnishing and equipping with the equipment of the Lichno series. Typically, stylish, functional and comfortable kits consist of a mirror, […]

The villa's bathroom? It is interesting

If you own a country plot, then you are a happy person. What is a dacha in the modern world? This is far from being just a piece of land with a small extension, although for those who can not afford more and it's fun. But let's pay attention to more or less comfortable cottages. […]

The modern bathroom and the eternal truths of the classic interior

Bathroom – a place that does not occupy the largest area in the house, and the smaller it is, the more effort it takes to design. The classic interior of a modern bathroom is created by the unity of the basic design concept, which includes finishing of surfaces (floor, walls, ceiling) with the help of […]