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The attitude towards the bathroom, combined with the toilet is ambiguous. Many people prefer a shared bathroom because they are more comfortable to use if there are more than one person in the family. And also do not have to worry about the smell in the bathroom and the dampness in the toilet. But there are those who prefer a combined bathroom. A huge plus is a significant increase in space, which allows you to place all the necessary modern devices for a comfortable life.

Planning in the first stage

First of all you need to think over the items that are needed in this room and those that can fit there. And this is not the same thing. It is always necessary to proceed from the dimensions of the room and then, as far as it is important, to locate the objects. But the most important requirement for absolutely all subjects in the bathroom is moisture resistance.

What are the requirements for modern bathrooms, especially those combined with a toilet?

So, having defined the requirements for furniture, plumbing and materials, we will understand what we need in this room: the bath itself or the shower, washbasin, mirror, cupboards or bedside tables, laundry baskets, washing machine and more often there are sushi for towels. If the area allows, then there is also a bidet, as well as various accessories. Hence the question: how to place, and even so that the eye does not throw, this is a huge number of plumbing pipes and similar elements, as well as the bathroom furniture itself? For all this in our time there are many adaptations: the pipes under the sink are hidden in a special locker – both beautiful and practical; the bath is closed with special screens – it is possible with sliding doors, it is possible without, and still it can be brickwork, brick or any other material.

Gutters, located behind the toilet, can also be hidden by a special box. And on top of this box itself you can place the necessary bathroom accessories: towels, tubes, shampoos, creams and so on. Even a window sill serves many instead of a shelf, it can even be specially made wide to accommodate more objects.

In the bathroom, combined with a toilet, which has small dimensions, often use any free corners

To the category of economical devices still include angular vertical shelves, which can be located in the corner of the bathroom. They are attached to the corner of the bathtub and stretch upward, having an L-shaped shape that adapts to the joint of the two walls.

Very often, to save space, they choose a shower instead of a bathroom, but it does not simplify the appearance of your bathroom, because in our time there are many models and designs, from the simplest to elegant and even extravagant.

Any part of any room can reflect the essence of the nature of the owner

By the way, the lid on the toilet can be made soft, it will make the interior of the room unusual and interesting, and also there it will be convenient to sit there during some hygienic procedures.

You can also use the space of the wall with the window: it will not be possible to place the hanging cabinets (the window hinders), but the long low pedestal along this wall will be very successful and useful.

With regard to bathroom furniture, you can use the following advice: if the bath is located along one wall, then wash the washbasin and mirror near the opposite wall, and the toilet is better placed opposite the front door. This will save a significant amount of space.

But this is the case, if the area allows, because most often have to have a toilet next to the bathroom. In this situation, often use partitions, glass doors or screens.

Very often, all floor elements are placed in the corners, so the central part of the bath is released. But regardless of the size, a good ventilation system must be installed in the bathtub combined with the toilet. This is necessary to eliminate unpleasant odors and excessive moisture.

The second stage: facing the walls

Professionals advise ceramic tiles or any other material that must necessarily have a water repellent property. Colors, shapes and forms in our time are presented in a huge assortment, which allows you to make a design for every taste. And, by the way, a bright bath will tell about your hospitality and openness.

To show your hospitality and location, make the bathroom light

By the way, with the help of ceramic tile, which has proven its practicality and durability over the long years of its use, it is possible to visually increase the size of the room, or, more precisely, to extend the ceiling, using a vertical pattern. The rest of the interior should be selected with this design in mind, can even use it in a small amount on other surfaces, as well as in a similar color scheme. This is done so that the visualized extension is not lost. To complete the air atmosphere, you can use a fashionable glass shell recently.

In addition to ceramic tiles, ceramic granite and mosaic are also trusted, here it is also about moisture resistance, strength and durability. With regard to the mosaic, many mistakenly believe that the small dimensions of the composite elements of the fabric are undesirable to use in a small bathroom. But this is not so. The fact is that due to a variety of contrast inclusion, the visual expansion of the boundaries of the room occurs. And, since this expansion is based on the game of contrasts, no matter what color you choose, the mosaic should have a close (but not the same) color tone.

What else can be said about the walls is that with the help of mirror surfaces there is also a beautiful visual increase in space, it becomes, as it were, voluminous. Here you can add mirrored door tables and lockers. But in such premises where mirror surfaces are used, it is desirable to choose light colors for the decoration of the room.

The third stage: the ceiling

Decoration of ceilings is considered an important part of the arrangement of this room. To date, there are a huge number of options. One of them is polyvinylchloride panels. This material is considered the most economical, but it is worth considering its low resistance to moisture.

Also, the category of budget (that is, inexpensive) materials can be attributed to paint, many even from the aesthetic side are satisfied with the option of a painted ceiling. But here, too, it is worthwhile to be cautious, since not all paints tolerate high humidity, it is necessary to choose special moisture resistant ones.

More trust deserve a system of suspended ceilings, including rack and pinion. The components of these materials are made from special types of aluminum or steel. This indicates a high strength and durability, and outwardly they look very attractive.

The most reliable, but also more expensive is the stretch ceiling. It hides any defects, has the longest possible service life, and when flooded it becomes an effective protection against seepage from above water. In addition, its appearance is excellent.

Another good solution is the mirror ceiling. First, it provides a perfectly flat surface; and secondly, visually increases the space and has the effect of scattering light rays. In addition to the mirror surfaces, there are matt ones that make the light in the room soft and the atmosphere cozy.


Since the bath combined with the toilet is rarely of impressive size, this defect can be corrected with the help of good lighting. Very often resort to light zoning, namely: over the sink and mirror use directional light, and above the bathroom is more appropriate soft and diffuse light.

Note. To increase the effect of visual enlargement of the room, you can install a very large mirror or even the entire wall. This will expand the boundaries of the space in 2 times.

With regard to sex, it is important that it is made of non-slip, durable and waterproof tiles.

Color design

Standard can be called the design of the bathroom, combined with a toilet in blue, beige, green, pink and white colors. These tones, especially in light manifestations are very popular, they contribute to the visual increase in area and can not be better suited to the color of the premises.

Also the most common design is a tree. It can be called classics. Its natural origin fills the room with a special aura, a wonderful aroma and a magnificent appearance. The color of a natural tree is suitable for almost any style, any accessories and decor. But with a tree you need to be careful, especially when it is in places with high humidity. When purchasing wooden bathroom furniture or other wood products, make sure that they are treated with special substances that protect against moisture and temperature differences.

Sophistication of a tree in the bathroom has little to do with

Choosing a brown color for the design of this room, there is a calculation for luxury, but unobtrusive, and elegant. In addition, the brown color has excellent relaxation properties. In such a bathroom it will be pleasant to soak up after a hard day's work. To emphasize the grace of the brown design, use the decor or cover the taps in bronze, copper or gold colors. If you take a chocolate shade, then in addition to luxury here will reign warm. Strengthen the warm aura will help union with the tree, and relax – with white.

But luxury is a luxury: choosing a brown, and especially a chocolate bar, you should be careful, as inexpensive tiles in this color will not bring any refinement and sophistication. On the contrary, it will make the interior cheap and tasteless.

Style variations

What is good is the option of a combined bathroom, so it's an opportunity to put there something unusual and interesting, for example, a jacuzzi, a bidet, a corner bath, an extra locker and so on. And most importantly, you can think about the style of your bathroom. After all, this room is also a reflection of the nature of its owner or owners.

Here are a few standard styles, which are often chosen to design this room.

The appearance of the room is simple, but modern: the corners and lines are straight and level. Colors can be absolutely any (white, blue, yellow, green, brown, red, black and white), but in its pure form, without halftones and contrast transitions. All furniture, as well as plumbing should be functional, no frills with clear shapes. Decor and accessories in a small number and in a modern version. All this apparent simplicity creates a unique and very elegant design.

Here there will already be excesses: curls, carvings, edging, ruches on a curtain and so on. Tones are selected natural and muted. In terms of materials, preference is given to marble, granite or their imitation. Furniture and plumbing of rounded forms. It is appropriate to finish with bronze or gold. Mirror in the frame, chandelier on the ceiling – this is the classic style.

This design has become very popular in recent years due to its simplicity, laconicism and eccentricity. The most important thing is that in the "eastern" bathroom there can not be a shower cubicle, and also a toilet. But if you can do without a shower cubicle, then there is no toilet in any way. Therefore, the toilet is simply masked, for example, with an opaque partition, a screen, curtains and similar devices. A bath "drowned" in the floor. The decoration in this style is diverse: mosaic, ornaments, floral arrangements. Colors are warm, saturated: red, yellow, gold, blue or turquoise. Seal such a bath with natural stone, rice paper or twigs.

The bathroom, combined with the toilet, can become an exquisite addition to your home nest. Having arranged all the elements in accordance with your preferences and available room sizes, you can get comfort and coziness, so necessary in modern life.

By the way, for those who need comfort and do not need excesses, it is possible to design a bath from the most necessary elements: a bath, a shower zone and a toilet bowl – practical and convenient even for the smallest rooms.

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