Bathroom and kitchen in a marine style: cozy pier and a paradise island


What is first and foremost good is the naval style, so this is because it is perfect for both a spacious room and a small one. This is one of its main advantages, which is why it is often used by designers because of its easy adaptation to any size. In addition, there are wide horizons in the choice of ideas: the room can turn into a luxury yacht, and in a sunny lagoon, or you can simulate high waves or a calm surface – there are a lot of options, and the choice is entirely yours.

We decorate the kitchen in a marine style

I must say that the kitchen, perhaps, is best suited for interior decoration in a marine style. But first you need to decide on the topic, and remember that the tone of the atmosphere is set by all components without exception: windows, walls, ceiling, floor:

Walls – finishing in this case should be selected as suitable as possible, for example, the optimal option would be ceramic tile or painted lining, it would also be nice to look at mosaic or pebble applications, although you can apply simple wall painting;

Floors – it all depends on what you want to do from the room, and if, for example, it is the deck of the ship, then on the floor there must be boards of bleached wood, as if whitewashed with water and salt of the ocean, or a rough single-colored tile that has small glass inserts, under which laid out the composition of coral, pebbles, sand or shells; in general, other coatings are used, for example, linoleum, laminate and even bulk floors with 3D-effect;

Windows – it is quite logical to make wooden windows with shutters, and curtains to choose in the tone of the theme of natural fabric, you can use the bamboo blinds, and even steeper – make windows that simulate portholes; ceiling – for the marine style of the kitchen stretch ceilings are ideal, which will look very stylish in such an interior, and if they are applied with images of gulls or clouds on a soft blue background, it will be simply gorgeous, especially if the room is decorated in the form of a deck ship or cafe on the seashore – thus there will be an effect of presence under the open sky, by the way, as an alternative, a good option is to decorate the ceiling with a calcareous texture of a snow-white color;

Furniture – the main features of furniture in the marine style – it's easy to wear out and uncouth, because there must be the impression that it is slightly spoiled by the scorching rays of the sun and splashes of salt water, the material from which it is made must be natural, ideally made of light wood, wicker furniture, and there should be no gloss, on the contrary, the surface furniture should be matte and shabby, and of course, no decor (carvings, gilding, etc.), furniture should be exceptionally simple

Color spectrum

The most appropriate shades for decorating the kitchen in the marine style are: blue, blue, emerald, azure and turquoise. In addition, the most effective combinations are: blue with white and red, light yellow with tender green, beige with sand and ivory, and also terracotta with the color of baked clay. And of course we should not forget that the harmony of colors in all details of the interior is very important. You can apply bright accents by selecting a certain subject for this.

We decorate the bathroom in a marine style

Since the bathroom is directly connected with the water element, the maritime style is perfect for it. On how to better design the interior, we will consider in more detail all the details:

Walls – ceramic tiles or mosaics can be used for decoration – these are the most practical and popular options today, however, often used and textured plaster, which also perfectly recreates the necessary environment; very good look wooden panels, in general, the combination of materials can be very diverse: wood with plaster, wood with marble or, for example, tiles with a painting on plaster (fresco);

Floors – in this case, the optimal option is a ceramic tile, preferably a light tint, you can lay out a combination of several tones, it's a good idea to use a mat with a nautical theme or just neutral color, however, if you want, you can make floors in the form of a deck with wood, parquet or laminate;

Ceiling – you can paint with simple paint in the tone of the walls, you can plaster, and you can use gypsum cardboard, which allows you to recreate several levels, also a stretch ceiling with a heavenly pattern, for example, with clouds;

Plumbing and furniture – in relation to plumbing – it is desirable to purchase its white classic color or cream, in which case it will contrast marvelously with the color of the walls, furniture is usually used in retro style

Color spectrum

The most common bathroom design options are combinations of blue and white and blue and white with an additional introduction of a green tint. However, you can use other colors. For example, beige-brown, sand and terracotta tones. In general, for a bathroom in a marine style any natural shades, like the sea, and sand with the sun, will suit. And also, all neutral shades, such as white, beige, gray, creamy, sandy – all shades of wood, considered the basis of the sea style. After all, the sea style is not only the sea, but, for example, the reflection of the mother-of-pearl shell.

Accessories and decor

As accessories for the kitchen, the sea stars and seashells brought in and collected from the sea are the best way. In addition, you can use on the walls panels from the same shells, marine photographs, a fishing net, a barometer, a telescope, a steering wheel, a decorative bottle with a note, an anchor, etc. It's okay to put the mat on the floor.

For the bathroom will also be appropriate marine photos on the walls, decorated with seashells, or you can just use themed stickers. Striped towels will also come in handy. On the shelf can be located all kinds of boats with sails, statuettes with lighthouses, starfish and so on. You can mount the aquarium in the wall – very impressive.

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