Bancettes in the interior of the kitchen: choose the option that is perfect for you!


Benches in the interior of the kitchen save space, become a bright spot, attracting the guests' attention with their upholstery, convenience. They make it possible to create an incredibly cozy, unique dining place from where you do not want to leave.

Today we are ready to talk about various types of banquets, about the features of their application, style, about advantages and disadvantages.

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of options for consideration. Firstly, now the banquettes are created taking into account the interior features, so that even in the ultramodern kitchen there is a place for this wonderful "detail".

It's easy, but it's quite expensive to order your own furniture, designed according to your individual order. And it's even easier to make it yourself, by buying a ready bench from a carpenter and decorating it with a beautiful cloth.

The price for a banquet varies depending on its size, design and details, but the result of its purchase will be incredible!

Resource The design of kitchen interiors is ready to offer its readers several options that are simply obliged to please them!

Forms and styles of banquets


It's a cozy little "tent" – an absolutely charming place for eating. There can comfortably accommodate four people, and perhaps even five, if you put a highchair on the side of the entrance. This table will be an excellent solution for a house where a small friendly family lives.

Use: such a banquet requires an irreproachable style and elegant design of the kitchen.

A banquet in the shape of the letter "P", or "U"


It will allow placing many diners – at least one and a half times more than a banquet-boutique. It will be a quiet dining area, where it will be convenient for the owners and guests of the house. However, this model has a significant drawback: leaving the table may not be very convenient, especially when the banquet is "full".

Use: when there are no obstacles for placing a rectangular table, and the kitchen area allows you to place such furniture

(Gleicher Design – Architecture & Interiors)


The rounded version of the banquet table is a great way to accommodate many visitors in a small space: for example, in a corner that is often empty. But the drawback of this model is the same as that of the previous one: the difficulty of entry and exit.

Use: when the round table best matches the space.

Direct banquet (Dijeau Poage Construction)


A direct banquet is the best option for those who do not have enough space in the kitchen to create a more original dining area. Place this beautiful "bench" by the window and enjoy the beautiful view!

Use: when the room is long and narrow.

Curved back option (Blue Tangerine Art)

Curved back

Such a banquet will make it easier to bypass it. In addition, it has a comfortable back, which everyone will like. And in the corner no one will be stuck.

Usage: when it is necessary to maximize space, it is important that round kitchen tables be used.

Curved back option (Blue Tangerine Art)

Materials for banquets


Finishing material is very important. Vinyl, for example, can easily move along the banquet. Angular layout will make the use of space successful and practical.

Usage: when soft seat and durable material in priority.

(Isabel Beattie @ K Cabinets Oakville)

Wooden seat, of course, is not so comfortable and soft, but it has undeniable advantages: this material is easy to maintain, it is easy to slide on it. And for softness, you can put decorative pillows. This option is very good if you have children.

Use: when you need an inexpensive and durable coating.

Chic banquet from two materials (Robert Kaner Interior Design)

Double function of the janitor

Additional living room

This banquet, which goes beyond the table, not only provides additional space for recreation and entertainment: its wooden surface can be used as an "extension" of the table. In addition, such a model will expand the space if there are many guests in the house.

Usage: When you want to have a "flexible" living room and extra space at the table.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interiors Designers

Guest bed

Even if you did not expect this, the banquet can become an additional place for sleeping, if it is wide enough. Comfortable mattress – and you can sleep. There is one significant drawback – it can not always be comfortable.

Usage: when you need a multifunctional space and extra space for a guest night's accommodation.

A banquet with storage space (KC Customs & Remodeling, Inc.)

Bancettes with departments for different details

Swinging machines

The idea of ​​an additional storage space inside the jar is not new. This is a very practical solution. When choosing this multifunctional piece of furniture, it is very important to decide whether you need folding seats, which will hide the recesses, doors or drawers. The base box with swing doors is probably the most economical version of the storage system, which, moreover, can accommodate many things.

The folding door (Norcon Home Improvements)


There will be soft seats comfortable for you.

Boxes in a banquet (Cristin Priest )

Storage boxes

This is the most expensive type of multifunctional jars, but at the same time the most convenient. For example, it will be much easier for you to get to the box than to "drive" from the seat of your household to get any necessary trifle.

Lockers (Kleppinger Design Group, Inc.)

After reading the article and looking at the amazing photos of the design, you immediately think about the repair. We should advise this article to our friends, they will gladly change their interior and design.

How many options to choose and all are good. To admire the photographs is one amazement, and staying in such a kitchen is most likely admiration. You can invite friends without rest to rest.

Bancettes are an excellent solution for the optimal use of kitchen space. You can choose any material and shape, depending on the size of the kitchen and the location of other pieces of furniture. Also, for optimal use of the jar, it is very convenient to make drawers for storing things under the seats.

I really like rounded banquettes, they usually harmoniously fit into the atmosphere of the kitchen and add comfort and comfort to it. However, the angular variants look good, especially for small kitchens in small apartments.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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