Baby stickers on the walls: interesting stories for boys and girls, as well as their parents


When it comes to decorating a modern children's room, you will find many convenient options! What could be simpler than using stickers in the form of pictures that can be applied or deleted without doing any damage on the wall? The ideal solution for tenants, because they can turn a room into a magical land of miracles in several pieces of vinyl.

Today we will list the drawings popular with boys and girls. But this does not stop there, any child can enjoy a blue elephant or the motives of an airplane. In addition, the picture, more suitable for boys, can be found in the girl's room.

For boys and girls

Let's start with the sets that are ideal for children of both sexes. White animals Safari on painted walls.

You will see many colorful images in today's post. These pictures derive strength from their simplicity, because monochrome design is sometimes the best way to highlight shapes!

Are you ready to be transported through the Universe? The images of outer space on the wall from EvgieNev fully fulfill their purpose! These matte vinyl stickers add a whimsical element to the nursery. As you can guess, they really look great on the wall and look as bright as the stars shine against the background of the dark sky!

Sometimes magic is present in the simplest constructions. Do you like this set of six big fluffy clouds?

Pay attention to the stickers with the owl, deer, fox and raccoon. A sketch of foliage and several art clouds – and there is the effect of wall painting. It can be seen how these images transform the space due to the dark color of the walls.

A squirrel on a tree with a deer of Bambi and birds below is a wonderful combination of charm in Indian and retro styles. Blue, red and gold colors combine to muffle the basic shades. Add to this the location of the depicted creatures – and everything becomes charming.

For boys

How would you design a boy's room at home? How about fishing on the moon? Stars and clouds will work not only for the child. Besides, it's just magical!

Let's return to the animals inhabiting the Earth. Standing under a tree, they combine the retro geometry of the dots, which will surely cause a smile on your kid's face.

An entire herd of elephants is depicted in the following figure. Another one is elephants and birds, which is the latest squeak of fashion. Especially when the birds are perfectly balanced on the backs of elephants! We see this motif on the poster, T-shirt, and now on the stickers. They turned out charming.

Ready to get something personal? The image of the aircraft along with the inscribed name of your child allows you to personalize the design.


For the girly, beautiful pictures come in bright shades. A bit of shine will never hurt, and vinyl shiny butterflies on the wall show that a thin and bright design is meant for the nursery.

Below is a picture that depicts adorable trees and a comfortable table for marking the growth of a child. Butterflies, flowers and deer are quite lovely, so that the cartoon characters become one of the favorite elements of the design of the nursery.

A cherry blossom on the wall ensures that spring is permanently entrenched here. Delicate flowers hang from the branches and float in the air, the birds all the time fly around the flower tree with outstretched branches. Ready to go for a beautiful dream? This sign is the first step in the right direction!

It's hard to say that we love more – bright colors, the location of each element in a tree with monkeys, a giraffe or how they stand out perfectly against the background of a sea-colored wall!

We could not finish this blog post without showing personalized labels for girls! Yes, this bird is a sticker from Pottery Barn.

Is it possible that everything presented above was dictated only by a simple desire to grab your attention? But animals are definitely one of the most popular children's themes for boys and girls. These motives are very much in demand now.

Do not forget also the pleasure received from images of planes, trains and cars, and also from otherworldly scenes. Tell us about your favorite childhood motifs and stickers on the walls.

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