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Ideas of kitchen design realized in author's projects

Where else to get ideas for kitchen design, if not from author's projects, noted by authoritative organizations and publications? Believe me, you will not find the best source! As evidence we suggest you to get acquainted with the photos of the magnificent interiors included in the 2016 year in the list of the best cuisines according to the well-known Internet resource Houzz.

Thank you in advance to the builders, architects, designers and other professionals in the field of home improvement for their invaluable contribution to the formation of a new concept of space, which was once considered solely as the territory of a culinary routine.

1. Element of the game

The kitchen, which we see on this photo, is part of a house located in Melbourne. Its design was developed by specialists from Andrew Maynard Architects with the direct participation of the sons of the customer – two boys-twins of eight years. The playful character of the interior is manifested in many of its features.

The built-in set with wooden lining has spectacular cuts on one of its side surfaces. Children are happy to develop their climbing skills here while parents prepare food to replenish their energy reserves.

2. Opposites attract

The house, recognized as a historically valuable object, received a modern upgrade by the efforts of designers from rosstang architects. They thought of a monochrome palette and firmly adhered to it.

The authors of the project had to rely entirely on a combination of textures. For this reason, in the interior of the kitchen you can find elements from completely diverse materials – wood, steel and Carrara marble. A necessary note of creativity adds to the decor of the chandelier from Christopher Boots.

3. Winning contrast

The combination of black and yellow colors is not very popular when it comes to choosing a palette of kitchen design. However, the interior from Atticus & Milo proves to us that this contrast combination is very successful. Two saturated shades are present in the decor of all rooms in the house – in different proportions.

4. Two sides of one kitchen

A large area is the dignity of the kitchen, which is worth emphasizing. Designers from carterwilliamson architects designed an absolutely open space, limiting it to only one blank wall. However, it was her dramatic decor, along with a delightful ceiling design and an interesting array of furniture, allowed this kitchen to be among the best.

5. Open shelves as a sample of creative design

It is open shelves that elevate this interior from Luigi Rosselli Architects to a new level of detail. These are asymmetrically located niches in the base of the kitchen island, in which cookbooks are predominantly stored, and a stunning wooden shelving, located above the work surface and used to showcase the collection of expensive homeowners' utensils.

6. Irresistible design

Specialists from Watershed Design have designed a kitchen that will never become obsolete. In this interior perfectly get along with each other wood, marble and steel. But what really deserves attention is the mirror apron, which creates the feeling that there is a through hole in the wall, and the space expands visually.

7. More than just a kitchen

And now let's talk about really spacious rooms. True, the interior of the Mixed Element, uniting the kitchen, living room and dining room, is impressive not only for its dimensions. A high ceiling, an abundance of wood of a natural warm shade and refined lamps – that's what makes it so attractive in fact.

8. The effect of antiquity

A tree with such an original finish is used by designers for a variety of purposes. In the photo – an L-shaped kitchen, developed by the team of the studio Liz Prater Design Home. The facade of the island is trimmed with rough wooden boards, with it a design that consists of a ceiling beam and two vertical supports.

9. Shades of white

There are many white cuisines, but among them there are enough and those that inevitably bring boredom. What is the secret of design attractiveness from Poliform? Apparently, in the presence of stylish steel shelves with matte finish and incredibly spectacular fixtures.

10. Plywood does not pass position

This is, perhaps, the most friendly house in our photo collection. Designers from Oof Architecture named their project Hello House, and although we can only estimate the kitchen, there is no doubt about its creativity. The room itself does not differ enviable dimensions, but the functional island and the polished concrete floor, in which the light reflects, make the interior both practical and fashionable.

11. A daring combination

Studio Art of Kitchens offers us to evaluate the outcome of the collision (otherwise you will not say) two completely different materials. Yes, not everyone will come to mind to divide one space of sets with a golden mirror finish and an island of restored wood. To complete the effect, the image is supplemented with stools in the industrial style.

12. Retreat from the rules

Are there standards that the kitchen island must necessarily meet? If so, they hardly admit the possibility of creating such a model. Nevertheless, the island with an extravagant table top, designed by designers from Corben Architects, already decorates the kitchen in one Australian house, and the owners never cease to admire it.

13. Sharp edges

White, black and wood – a combination that provided the approval of experts kitchen from Greig Design & Construction. Lamps that mimic incandescent lamps of the old model, a mirror apron and a refrigerator with a glass door a few revive a low-key image.

14. Full integration

The sharply defined and elegant components of the kitchen from Porebski Architects seem to grow out of the walls and the floor, giving the design dynamism. An extravagant lamp from Christopher Boots (the same we saw in photo number two) emphasizes the drawing of a marble apron, linking parts of the interior together.

15. In the streams of light

Many homeowners are concerned about finding ways to improve the illumination of their homes, especially their darkest corners. Designers from Decus Interiors have chosen the most obvious way in the design of this kitchen – they installed a circular ceiling window directly above the center of the room.

16. Kitchen as a gallery of contemporary art

In front of us is a kitchen in a house in Australian Merrickville. Designer David Boyle turned it into the most vivid and unusual building on the street. Owners are fond of collecting art, and every wall in the interior is for them a kind of exhibition space. So, the kitchen is decorated with a cloth in the style of street art from the local artist Mark Hetherington.

17. From another world

A team of specialists from Andrew Simpson Architects called this project Cloud No. 9 ("Cloud number 9). The kitchen looks like a pavilion for filming a fantastic film about the distant future, and all thanks to its complex, ultra-modern and large-scale design. Purple color is quite rare in the design of utilitarian premises, but in this case it is he who provides uniqueness to the interior.

18. Closer to the roots

The design of this house, developed by the studio Lime Building Group, gives respect to the history and culture of New South Wales, where, in fact, the object is located. Cabinets in the style of a shaker, retro-plate Aga and tiles with nostalgic ornament give the interior a rustic charm.

19. The versatility of gray

Concrete is most often perceived as a material with cold energy, but the kitchen from Robert Mills Architects and Interior Designers demonstrates to us that it can still be warm. A bright orange picture standing on the work surface, and a wooden floor make the gray interior intriguing, and not at all detached.

20. Communication Center

It is the kitchen that increasingly becomes the place where people receive guests and spend time with their loved ones. Obviously, it must be adapted for this. Designers from RZ Owens Constructions designed the island with a tabletop that protrudes from both sides, near which the whole family can freely accommodate.

We are sure that among these stunning interiors there will certainly be one that will become for you a source of inspiration when you decide to transform the kitchen in your own home. Perhaps it will be interesting for your friends to meet them?

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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