Artistic solution for food storage and kitchen utensils: 16 interesting ideas


Places in the kitchen sooner or later become small, no matter how big it did not seem initially. This is not a room in which you can easily arrange some art objects, without reducing the functionality. In many cases it is the "points" of storage of products and necessary accessories that become kitchen elements of the decor, so let's choose them correctly.

On our portal, we will analyze the best options for using equipment and kitchen accessories to create a unique interior in a limited space. A well-organized kitchen produces an impression of cleanliness and accuracy.

Metal grilles, bright containers and other details in the industrial style perfectly match and give the room an individual, modern look. From the fruit basket to the huge shelving – there are many ideas for transforming such a territory of love.

Food and drink

The original fruit basket from Crate & Barrel looks great on the stand or on the table and saves space.

Glass food containers, too, can not be ignored in this topic, especially if they are glass. Who would want to play hide-and-seek during cooking? Here is a set of Heritage Hill Glass Jars with Lids from Crate & Barrel will be a pleasant and useful purchase for any kitchen.

No worse transparent containers with sealed lids.

Tableware with stainless steel covers

If you want to add bright accents, then pay attention to containers from West Elm saturated orange. They are suitable for both cookies and bread, since they are equipped with dense lids, so the products in them will not deteriorate.

Bright plastic containers

The organization of space is no less important in the refrigerator. Special crabs and pallets from Crate & Barrel are equipped with legs and a ribbed surface. They will perfectly help to save space even in an outdated model.

For liquids, too, you need a place. For frequently used products such as vinegar and olive oil, original bottles with unusual round plugs from West Elm will do. They look much more interesting than the usual packaging, in which these products are sold.

There is often no place to place a home bar. But such a compact stand from CB2 with a cellular structure can easily fit even in a small kitchen, the size of it can be changed at its discretion.

Wine storage option

Shelves and equipment storage

Let's move on to larger objects. This suspension rail from Williams-Sonoma is made in three versions: wrought iron, steel and copper, which allows you to make a choice for any interior. The design is perfectly safe due to the heavy-duty metal mesh and frame.

And why not add some light? In the next example, Pottery Barn successfully combines lighting devices with mandatory accessories in such a room. The ribbed matte surface of the lamps will look particularly well in the bistro-style kitchen.

Sometimes in a pantry or in a corner, a little more space is needed to store trifles. In this case, the racks from Crate & Barrel can serve. If the mesh surface is inappropriate, then you can purchase plastic pallets.

Chrome trolley with 4 drawers

Another option to save space is a kitchen island or a mobile countertop, with shelves at the bottom. The stand from West Elm has wheels that are easily locked. You can cook at the top level, and at the bottom keep everything that can be useful in the process.

Shelves in the industrial style of untreated coniferous wood and high-quality steel from Restoration Hardware will help to place both utensils and household appliances.

Shelves made of wood and steel

Another option from the same company in the marine genre. Shelf Maritime Shelf System quickly fastens on any wall and looks very relevant.

If you prefer a more cozy, homely look, you should pay attention to the creation of Pottery Barn, which resembles a ladder in form. Made from a poplar massif and covered with birch veneer it stands out very effectively on a white background.

Steady and at the same time mobile stand-cart from Williams-Sonoma will appeal to many. It's hard not to appreciate the vintage appearance of this very utilitarian subject. A metal frame and an aged tree are an excellent choice for a modern kitchen.

Williams-Sonoma offers pendant boxes made of chrome-plated steel, each of which can be attached to shelves.

Tell us about how to store products, utensils and household appliances in the kitchen.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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