Arrangement of a full-fledged home office in small areas – great design solutions in action!


Today the popular resource Interiors Rooms will allow all its readers to learn how to equip a cozy and functional home office in the conditions of the most minimal areas, which is very important in the conditions of the modern labor process. If you have already encountered such a problem and have come to a standstill in the process of finding the necessary solutions, then several photos will come in handy.

Number of people in the house: 6 people.

The design of small interiors, such as a similar office, requires a fairly serious approach to the process of its design and the corresponding skill that allows to realize the realized ideas while preserving all the advantages of the already existing design, that is, to correctly write a new stroke into the whole image existing pictures.

The room presented to your attention, which is an example of a home workplace, unites several functions among which also includes an entrance hall with a zone for children's games. With such an organization of the useful space of a small home, parents engaged in the labor process will always be able to follow all the actions of their children, which, incidentally, in this family, four.

The presence of an easel for the manifestation of children's creativity in the office fully confirms the veracity of these words. In addition, the similar location of this zone allows you to monitor children even when they are in their rooms on the second floor, due to their location right above the office.

Do not limit yourself, try to use any centimeter of free space. Formed niches are quite suitable for installation of built-in furniture, which will ensure the placement of various office equipment, documents and other things necessary in the work.

The lack of doors requires a special approach to the design of a part of the office, visible from the corridor. A special rack with your favorite literary works and photographs of loved ones, enclosed in a special framework – is exactly what will create an excellent image from the first minutes and will allow you to tune in to the work process, accompanied by the most favorable emotions.

Focus on natural light. Setting the table in front of the window not only optimizes the amount of light in your work area, but also allows you to abstract from the minimum dimensions of the surrounding space and eliminate the pressing effect. The opportunity to look out the window in moments of small rest and enjoy the beauty of the opening beauties is an element that will divide the office into two components and will contribute to achieving a quality result.

Do not be afraid to use different color contrasts. White ceiling, light wallpaper with a golden graphic pattern, dark built-in furniture and a chair decorated in colorful colors – elements that allow to expand the visual space of the office and create a special mood that forms its internal atmosphere.

The decoration of the room allows you to correctly place the accents concerning the external advantages of this design, which is expressed in the use of table decorations and various images on the wall of this room.

The lack of doors and the specific interior decoration of the visible zone allows you to tie together the image of all the premises that are on this site and exclude their negative perceptions. In another scenario and the availability of doors, such a zone would appear to be another closet or a storage room used for storing various household junk.

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