Applied color in the modern kitchen interior – stunning depth of shades of red


Red color symbolizes love, life, power and passion in many cultures. Stimulating color, which can increase pressure and give an appetite, red is an excellent choice for a color accent in the kitchen. The most daring owners can use it in large numbers, drawing attention to furniture, walls and household appliances.

Since this is an eye-catching shade, it is important to think strategically when using it, paying attention to how it will "work" with other colors and materials in your kitchen. Designer Jennifer Ott will talk about some of the details of using red in the kitchen interior.

Colors of shades of red

Select a red color

Finding the right shade of red will be quite difficult. Some of the tones of this color are warmer – usually they contain a rather large admixture of orange; other cold – from the presence of blue. How much orange or blue the selected shade will look like depends on the influence of neighboring colors. We advise you to think over several options for using this rich color and only then be determined with the choice finally.

Tip: when purchasing materials for finishing work, ask for a shade of the primer (if you, of course, will use it), suitable for the main red color.

Some of the most magnificent red (in the picture clockwise from the upper left):

  1. Rectory Red 217 by Farrow & Ball – Beautiful deep and rich red.
  2. Grenedier Red 3-14 from Pratt & Lambert – contains a little bit of blue, forming a cold red.
  3. Heartthrob SW6866 from Sherwin-Williams – lively and true red.
  4. Cut Ruby 1009-4 from Valspar – true red with a bit of blue.
  5. Currant Red 1323 from Benjamin Moore – has some orange shade, which makes it warm red.
  6. Red Alert AC216-5 from Kelly-Moore – attractive pinkish red.
  7. Candy Apple Red 8371 from Behr – a bold red with a small presence of orange.
  8. Red Licorice 234-7 from Pittsburgh Paints – deep cold red, closer to the bordeaux.

Now, dear readers of the online magazine Ideas of Kitchen Interiors, be inspired by the following examples for using this bold live color in your kitchen.

Design Idea Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths

What a colorful and cheerful kitchen! Modernity can be cozy and warm! To muffle the red in the interior designer contrasted him with a calm green shade of walls and a warm wooden floor: without all this, the kitchen would look too "invigorating" and even aggressive.

Design Idea Shannon Malone

The interior stylistics of this kitchen is some kind of magic. She talks about love of color and clean, open spaces with lots of natural light. The painted wooden windows look absolutely charming, however, as well as a bowl, as if brought from a farmhouse, and a graceful faucet with a neck curved like a goose. This is a kitchen, which should give the owners absolute pleasure during cooking and receiving guests.

Design Idea Teton Heritage Builders

Consider the design of the ceiling, better known as the "forgotten fifth wall" .. This neutral kitchen receives a remarkable color charge through the ceiling tile, painted in hot red.

Design Idea HartmanBaldwin Design / Build

Do not neglect sex. Red is an eye-catching color, so use it on the floor, but only if it uses interesting material that you want to pay attention to, such as a concrete flooring.

Design Idea ZeroEnergy Design

Fans of bold accent walls can rejoice: this is a simple and affordable way to add excitement and drama to the room. This bright orange-red wall underscores the interesting architecture of the space and directly pulls you into the kitchen.

Axis Mundi design idea

Not really ready for a lot of bright red? Try a more relaxed tone. This wall of true red color works well with warm wood and orange hues.

Klopf Architecture Design Idea

"I usually advise clients to stick to neutral colors for elements that are expensive and difficult to change, but I also advise you to choose the materials for decoration that they will definitely like. So while your real estate agent or friends and relatives may discourage you from installing the red tile of the kitchen apron, I say that if you love this color and plan to live in the house for a while, go for it, "says Jennifer Ott.

But let this be the "crown" of the kitchen. In the rest, choose neutral colors and materials that do not compete with the accent part. This solution is clearly demonstrated by this kitchen.

Design idea Ward-Young Architecture & Planning – Truckee, CA

The technique can offer another way to "draw" red into the kitchen. Our view is drawn to the red, so make sure that you have a technique worthy of attention: the cooking zone and almost a work of art – a chimney, like, for example, in this photo.

TruLinea Architects Inc. Design Idea

The kitchen island of the "passionate" hue became the logical center of this charming kitchen in a rustic style: red, it seems, with a small admixture of orange, creates a warm contrast to the cold colors of space.

Design idea Dyna Contracting

"I like the bright red base of this furniture. If you decide on a bold shade of cabinets, use neutral shades for the top of the headset or install open racks. Any step in decorating your kitchen should break and muffle red, so that it does not turn from an elegant accent to a depressing "spirit" of the room, "the designer strongly recommends.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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