An interesting variant of creating an original kitchen design


Original kitchen design

Recently, the original design of the kitchen is not something unusual: everyone strives to make their apartment unique. However, in this article we will give an example of a truly original design.

Inspiration for designers served as a cafe in San Francisco, in the interior of which reigns rigor and elegance. The kitchen was made in an industrial style with minimalist notes.

Kitchen, which served as inspiration for designers

Beginning of kitchen remodeling

The first step was the demolition of all the old elements of the kitchen: cabinets, wallpapers, floors and lighting. However, it was decided to keep the countertops, which afterwards would be covered with inexpensive marble.

View of the kitchen after the start of work

Marble worktop, inspired by inspiration

In addition, the aperture has also been expanded, allowing to connect the living room and the kitchen and giving greater accessibility to daylight, in addition to new lighting.

View from the kitchen to increase the opening

An extended opening from the kitchen to the living room

New lighting for the kitchen

One of the interesting techniques, thought out by designers, was the use of open shelves in the interior of the kitchen. Drawing on the example of many designers, they developed an approximate version of open shelves for the kitchen.

Open shelves in the interior of the kitchen

Designers also planned to mix a few details in an industrial style (taps for shells, glass chandeliers and kitchen cabinets) with warm colors (wooden floors, marble worktops and walnut shelves) to avoid the predominance of cold shades.

So, in order to create an original kitchen design, you should trust your taste and realize your idea. However, it is necessary to know the techniques and rules for combining shades, materials and objects that will advantageously emphasize the originality of your kitchen and not make it too banal and ordinary.

The original design of the kitchen in the presented case looks very good. But, on the whole, I consider the idea of ​​creating such a very difficult task. For example, open shelves with bright and beautiful dishes look really great, but if you put everything on public display that you want to hide away, the impression will not be positive.

I liked this original kitchen design despite the fact that I'm not a fan of industrial style. But the design uses beige tones, they smooth the coldness of this style.

The original kitchen design is very difficult to pick up. But if it succeeds, it will be a brilliant masterpiece. This idea, as stated in the article, is invented in most cases spontaneously and is not made as a unique interior but as a masterpiece of creativity. Very useful article.

Create an original design of the kitchen every year becomes more difficult. I will not say that I liked this option at 100%, but the idea itself has the right to development.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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