An interesting idea for storing home correspondence in the kitchen – squeeze out a maximum of space!


Almost every one of us probably knows the problem of the mess on the kitchen table. And this mess does not depend on the size of your kitchen and the number of kitchen cabinets. Newspapers, magazines, advertising, children's drawings and school notebooks – all these papers are accumulating everywhere. And next to it there is never a place to put everything neatly and quickly.

Designer Polly Blair (Polly Blair) solved this problem for her clients, who often have parties and meetings with friends. In the finale of these gatherings all sooner or later find themselves in the kitchen. Therefore, the owners of the house needed a large, roomy kitchen island. In an attempt to use every centimeter of this island for the benefit of the common cause, Polly Blair has come to this wonderful idea of ​​keeping correspondence.

Surprisingly, this decision was not dictated by customer requests. Blair noticed that in her own kitchen, there is often a need for a place where you can put letters from customers and contractors.

As a result, the designer personally consulted the island's manufacturers, supervised the installation of special pockets for letters and other correspondence. The width of these pockets was calculated based on the size of magazines and collapsed newspapers, to which was added a centimeter "in reserve." In the corner of the kitchen island there is a shallow locker with two simple swing doors, which can be closed when you do not use this niche for press and other papers.

If you decide to remodel a kitchen island or renovate the interior of your kitchen, then this idea can be useful for convenient and accurate storage of correspondence in the island.

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