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Spices make the food pleasant to the taste. But they leave in our souls the most unpleasant sensations when it comes to their organization in the kitchen.

Spices have the property of filling every free centimeter of space in the cupboards and countertops, and cans of spices sometimes fall out of the closets and storerooms.

And quite infrequently people can organize everything competently. Little does the idea of ​​making a drawer. These kitchen accessories are built right into the furniture and can be arranged in such a way that you will have enough space to store all your spices alphabetically – from anise to hop-suneli.

Interesting ideas for organizing accurate storage of spices by embedding a drawer in the free space of the kitchen was shared by the designer Karen Egly-Thompson.

Project: adding a drawer for storing spices. Why is the retractable spice rack very comfortable? This is a narrow shelf with a rail system installed on the front of the cabinet.

Since the retractable rack is very compact – usually a width of 8 to 30 cm – it can be embedded in a space that is inefficiently used or simply idle.

Creating such a storage system for spices allows you to keep them at hand at a convenient place for you. This will also help prevent the appearance of annoying sticky residue that remains on the lids when the jars stand in the open.

How to implement the project: for today the simplest and best way of embedding sliding shelves for spices in the kitchen is to add them to the project of new furniture.

The advantages of this approach are many, but the main thing is that it allows the most efficient use of space. Therefore, you can design the location of your shelving wherever you want.

A retractable shelf can be equipped between two new pieces of kitchen furniture – for example, between the upper and lower lockers. Or you can build it under the top of the countertop, located on the side of the hob.

If we compare the cost of a new project of a sliding rack and the modernization of an old kitchen, the first option is less expensive. However, the purchase of an additional kitchen cupboard for spices will increase costs a little.

Cost if the project is new: Bruce Dexter of Kitchen Fair says that the approximate cost will be about 65 $ per 8-centimeter retractable rack in the lower cabinet with the decorative front door.

Approximately 200 $ is required on the 30-centimeter shelf, including the case and the front panel. Of course, the price varies depending on the manufacturer, wood species, finishes and equipment. However, this is a good price range for choice.

If the new kitchen cabinets are not in the plans, you can hire a carpenter to change the design of existing furniture and build in the shelf.

As a rule, between the cabinets or around the edges there are unfilled gaps where it is possible to equip the drawers. However, the need to replace part of the headset is unavoidable, so the upgrade possibilities will still be limited.

It may be necessary to equip additional supports in the kitchen cabinets to accommodate the slip devices. The facade, too, will have to change.

So, depending on the furniture configuration and the width of the new shelf for spices, you may lose a few centimeters of space.

Jodi Tramontin, manager of Dura Supreme Cabinetry's says that when installing 23-centimeter boxes, 8 cm is usually lost on the ledges of the facade, and for the shelf itself there is 15 cm. This significantly reduces the possibility of making up all the spices in such a narrow place.

If your European-style kitchen cabinets with hidden hinges or are painted in monochrome, and you know the color number of the paint and finishes, you need to order a new wardrobe façade of the same size.

This moment is a serious drawback, as most people do not know the manufacturer of their furniture. And if it is also out of date, then production could have long been discontinued.

A very experienced carpenter can make a new facade of the box that exactly matches the original, but it is quite difficult. Especially if the cabinets differ in the original decor, for example, beaded or covered with a special glaze.

Cost in case of modernization: the shelf itself can cost from 130 to 350 $ at retail. Rev-A-Shelf offers several different sizes.

The cost of the work differs significantly in different places, and the conditions are unique for each project, so the pay may vary.

Master Heath Barrett from Ober & Barret Builders expects to spend four to five hours working for such a project. On average, he will take 50 $ per hour. And in the end, it turns out 200-250 $. The complete modification of one cabinet can vary from 380 to 600 $.

Architectural Details: many homeowners prefer to add two 8- or 15-centimeter pull-out shelves for spices to the bottom of the kitchen, usually on both sides of the cooking area.

Due to the symmetrical location and narrow configuration, such shelves are made in the form of pillars. Most manufacturers of stylish kitchen furniture offer decorative architectural details for the facade of furniture.

For example, shelf-columns from the manufacturer Dura Supreme Cabinetry, shown here. Other options can be with lined supports or pilasters and many other elements, the style of which corresponds to the rest of the furniture. Architectural detail adds clarity and is of genuine interest.

Another important point that must be taken into account when embedding the shelf in the cabinets: many models of kitchen cabinets do not have a basis that would allow the shelf to be raised slightly elevated above the floor.

This becomes a problem if the kitchen furniture is installed at the floor level or there is a carpet on the floor. Dura Supreme develops and manufactures its retractable racks. They can be built in such a way that the shelf is a few centimeters from the floor.

In this kitchen, the designer Shannon Poe cleverly tucked the shelf for spices for the architectural protrusion, which became a handle for the shelf.

Shannon says that the goal of this project was to maximize the efficiency of space use, so she integrated the spice rack into the kitchen design posts.

Sizes and expectations: according to Shannon Poe, she always clarifies with the customers what spices and sizes of cans they use before starting to plan and create a box for spices. This is necessary for the new drawers to be truly comfortable and useful for customers.

Not all shelves can accommodate large jars with chopped onions or a tall bottle of oil. Therefore, it is important to know that for all types of spices there is the right size and volume of space.

Shannon says that she likes it when there is an opportunity to install 15 or 23-centimeter wide shelves, but she knows from personal experience that even an 8-centimeter version can accommodate a large number of spices.

However, as a rule, it discourages customers from using 30-centimeter wall shelves, since they do not hold many cans, and it is often difficult to reach high shelving. Jodi Tramontin adds that when wall mounting the drawer, the maximum height of the drawer shelf is usually 75, see.

Location: one of the problems that has been raised repeatedly: if the retractable racks are located next to the cooking zone, does their quality decrease due to proximity to heat and humidity?

Many designers prefer to install two sliding shelves in the base of the furniture, on the sides of the hob or not far from it, but not next to the oven.

When the shelves are installed in the base cabinets on opposite sides of the kitchen façade or hob, the heat is concentrated at the level of the countertop and above – far enough away from the boxes with spices.

However, in the pull-out rack installed next to the oven, the quality and durability of the spices can be compromised.

The sliding shelf, integrated into the side of the kitchen space, should be located at a distance from the hob.

This storage of spices is a real discovery. Until today, I did not imagine that this is possible. In fact, this is a very convenient solution, it saves space. You can optimally arrange furniture. It seems to me that this will be relevant in small kitchens, where it is important that every centimeter is involved.

In the kitchen in the closet is stored a lot of spices. They lie in boxes, in containers, in jars. And these ways of storing spices are simply unique. After all, there really is a space between kitchen cabinets that you do not know what to adjust or what to put. But now the problem will be solved.

Ideas for the placement of spices are certainly selected with taste and places very intricate, but I prefer to store them in a prominent and easily accessible place in glass transparent jars with hermetically sealed lids.

I have spices stored just in a closed cupboard and it's not quite convenient. The idea with a pull-out locker for spices I really liked. I especially want to highlight Shannon Poe, I really liked the design and idea.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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