Kitchen equipment ideas: original retro technique

Ideas of kitchen equipment from leading experts can help in the search for solutions for the re-design of the interior. With one of them, effective and versatile, able to save you from worrying about the originality of the design of the most popular room in your home, we will introduce our readers right now. Use […]

Interesting design options for the kitchen

Practical kitchen room design The design of the kitchen room is not only the organization of a comfortable work area and convenient furniture placement, but also the formation of a space character that will charge you with energy during cooking. Therefore, the choice of style in this case is very important. Vintage style will never […]

A modern look at the stone in the interior of the kitchen

Stone in the interior of the kitchen emphasizes the beautiful illumination of the island The stone in the interior of the kitchen is one of the trends of this year. Reconstruction with the subsequent transformation of industrial and storage facilities into residential objects is becoming an increasingly frequent phenomenon. Therefore, stone walls, which until recently […]

Interesting design of the kitchen from Trunk Creative Ltd in the premises of the former aircraft factory, London, England

Limited financial possibilities allowed owners of apartments in the London area of ​​Clapton (Clapton) to reconstruct them only after several years of living in this house. The owner of the building, built in the 1930-ies, shares an apartment with two friends, and there is no doubt that the three girls just need a practical, organized […]

In front of everyone: the design of a glass kitchen

Design of glass kitchen The design of glass kitchen is a complicated thing . Well-known nutritionist Brian Wansink wrote: In food, better guided by the principle "out of sight – out of mind!" As practice shows and most studies, the first eaten food, which lies in sight. If you have open shelves, then make them […]

Ideas of storage in the kitchen: free the workspace

If you are looking for a way to quickly and efficiently tidy up and arrange your favorite chefs conveniently, think about getting a wall mount system. Do not doubt that this simple combination will incredibly transform your kitchen and restore order even in your mind. If you are not well versed in the latest innovations […]

Important design parameters of the kitchen island: we take into account the size, height, the possibility of embedding technology, storage systems and much more .

One of the most difficult and necessary premises in the house is the kitchen. And homeowners often wonder about what should be the ideal kitchen island design? While there is no ready-made formula for its creation, some of our recommendations will help to find the right solution. Excellent ideas are offered by design professionals Steve […]