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On the territory of the post-Soviet space, a kitchen with a terrace is an extremely rare phenomenon. Historically, a through window in the kitchen area was used to hide the mess and culinary accessories from the gaze of the guests. At present, it is not only practical, but also decorative, because with its help it is possible to combine a comfortable home environment with open air. Therefore, today more and more designers and homeowners choose exactly this variant of housing design.

This solution can miraculously transform the appearance of the building and equip a cozy corner for a quiet, relaxing stay and enjoying light snacks and refreshing cocktails.

Interior from Sketch Building

An open veranda combined with a home galley is an excellent place for a pleasant pastime for family members.

House of Home Finishes P / L

The through window box perfectly connects the internal improvement of the house with an amazing street environment.

Veranda by Heather Merenda

Masters are advised to make an opening large enough to accommodate a significant amount of stools underneath. So you can create a comfortable bar area for a relaxed holiday and an easy meal.

Terrace from Sketch Building

In addition, wide windows will help fill the kitchen area with incredible sunshine and natural warmth.

Dining room by P. Shea Design

Many step-by-step with time owners tend to remove the partition between the kitchen and the dining room to form a more voluminous and airy space.

Decoration from P. Shea Design

Through the window aperture allows creating an ideal zone to relax and enjoy your favorite dishes and drinks.

Patio from Style Create Design

Well, the hostess with his help is more convenient to communicate with the household and guests who are located on the veranda.

Interior from Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects LLP

Such architectural designs perfectly decorate the facade of the building and allow you to radically change the space of the patio. Today, owners can choose the shape and size of the window frames from a wide range of offers in accordance with their tastes and capabilities. The most popular option is the double windows, which are opened with light movement of the hand and move aside.

Design from Synthesis Inc.

Adding a through opening suggests replanning internal partitions in an unusual house, as well as replacing existing frames and kitchen countertops. Also, before making changes, you should consider placing the sink and mixer, if they were previously located at the window.

Interior from Von Fitz

If your kitchen does not have a suitable window unit for expansion and retrofitting, then you will have to equip it on any of the walls. However, before this, make sure that the structures and partitions are not bearing. Otherwise, you will have to use the help of a professional engineer.

Design from Synthesis Design Inc.

Choose for the design of the furniture set, cabinets and worktop innovative water-repellent building materials. They must also be highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation and unfavorable weather conditions.

Kitchen from Sketch Building

We presented to your attention several variations of the stylistic execution of the kitchen with an outdoor terrace for outdoor dining, which will enable you to visually combine the interior with the environment and transform the appearance of the building remarkably.

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The kitchen with an open terrace is just a great idea for decorating a country house. In the article there are many options for adding to the interior of the kitchen such an element – each following is better than the previous one! Just looks great in appearance.

Wonderful article with a huge selection of examples and suggestions for those wishing to convert their kitchen. Personally, I, after reading this article, terribly wanted to quickly find myself on the terrace of a small country house, sit outside in the circle of relatives and friends, communicating at a meal.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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