Amazing ideas for decorating kitchen interiors with concrete countertops


Concrete countertops are a rather unexpected option for decorating a kitchen interior, but pay attention: designers create amazing things with this easily accessible alternative to traditional granite or composite stone. This raw material may seem cold and industrial, but in a certain environment it will bring to the atmosphere incredible warmth and unlimited comfort.

This kitchen with a textured concrete surface looks just stunning. The worktop combined with traditional white cabinets, metro bright glazed tiles and a rich wooden flooring gives the interior design elegance and sophistication. With household appliances in a stainless steel casing, the space gets an ideal balance of classic and modern style.

Kitchen from Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Pay attention to the following photo. The situation takes on a more modern look, along with laconic white racks, metro tiles in the finish of the apron and a dark surface.

Tip: The concrete countertops can be made in the form of a prefab version or made locally. The first option is made in the factory in accordance with the exact dimensions of the kitchen furniture set. The process can take up to two weeks.

However, experts recommend using this material, because it is environmentally friendly and is great for contact with food.

Project from Natalie Myers

Colored dyes can be mixed with concrete. As a result, any person will be able to choose for his apartment or unusual house a suitable shade of the product, which perfectly fits into the overall style. Brown surfaces together with wooden cabinets in the following example create a warm and modern environment.

Modern kitchen design

Concrete products are well proven in the damp environment of the bathroom.

Bathroom from Six Walls Interior Design

Unlike stone slabs, you can create a surface of any thickness using this raw material. This model has a width of 15 centimeters, due to which it fits perfectly into the interior of the apartments. Pay attention to how concisely the countertop was combined with the sink.

Bathroom from modern house architects

Concrete is a fairly universal raw material that can be used for any corner of the house. It will look great in the design of the kitchen area, bathroom, bedroom and hallway, due to which will give the atmosphere incredible comfort and warmth.

Concrete solution is a flexible and plastic material, with which you can create objects of different shapes and stylistic execution. For example, in the home decor on the next photo the surface of the table was made in a triangular shape.

Furnishings from Indivar Sivanathan

Finally, it will look great outdoors, because it has high performance, excellent reliability and good resistance to any weather phenomena: wind, rain and snow. Please note how spectacularly on the veranda is combined this raw material in the design of the table with the wood facing of the facade of the cottage.

Patio from Birdseye Design

We presented to your attention unique solutions for the design of apartments with the use of a magnificent and expressive concrete countertop, which helps to fill the atmosphere with incredible brightness and charm.

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