Amazing design of children's rooms in the attic – wonderful loft in the style of the country


Virtually every house has an attic, maybe not even renovated. Today, together with the readers, we will design attics in the rooms of children in the style of country.

The advantage of this style is the simplicity of the embodiment of ideas, the use of natural materials and many options for placing a bed. One of the best materials for walls in this room is a tree.

In order to expand the space of the room visually, choose a light tree. It is very unusual to place a bed on the floor, under the roof itself, draped it with bright curtains. And of course what kind of room without bright, colorful things?

To complete the decor of the children's room in the attic, use colorful toys, wall clocks, children's tables and chairs, funny drawings and other things that will add color to your baby's room.

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Surely, a child will really like the idea of ​​a room in the attic, because for children the attic is always something mysterious and unusual. Attracted the attention of the tree as the main material for the children's room, I think it is very correct, in the interior use natural materials, and especially if it concerns children.

Many in childhood on littered attics played, in the dust to the very ears. And the parents did not even think that it was possible to create such a cozy corner for the games and recreation of their children. And friends have somewhere to lead.

I saw here a wonderful design of the attic. The children's bedroom in the attic is the dream of any child. The design of the loft in the country style is a very good solution for a children's room, because it does not require much expense, and the tree looks very nice. You can hang a white sheet of Whatman so that your child shows creativity without harming the whole house)

The children's room in the attic is very cool. Correctly chosen light shades of wood, the room instantly filled with warmth and comfort. Very large space: you can do not only lessons, but also have fun and relax.

I would appreciate such a gift if my parents gave me such a corner of the house at the time.

The room in the attic is charming. My dream of life. In her childhood she dreamed of such a thing, and now she would not mind living in such a room, although she was not a child for a long time. Only a pity, there is no attic, otherwise it would have been such a room for a long time in my house.

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