Amazing beauty of natural wood – stunning kitchen interior in a modern rustic style with a non-standard layout


Faced with a house full of unusual angles, and with a kitchen located in the corner of a large room, designer Sandra Bargiel of the company Bay Cabinetry & Design Studio found interesting solutions. They helped her realize a stunning project in a modern rustic style with a non-standard layout. And today we are pleased to introduce him to readers of the online magazine Interior Kitchen.

In the room there is an island that is standing obliquely. It separates the kitchen from the dining room and perfectly matches with the unusual organization of the space of this interior. Masters created a practical and beautiful island with all sorts of functions hidden in each side of it. They also added modern rustic and industrial styles to its design, which allowed this stunning kitchen to fit into the rest of the house.

Owners of the house are excellent chefs, so Bargiel organized under the island a storage system for tools intended for cooking. Here everything is located at the level of reach. All items are stored on stainless steel shelves with a depth of 45 centimeters.

Such a surface is easy to clean and not be scratched when someone is working on it with a rolling pin. Inserts from this material will cost about 1300 $.

Customers chose a countertop made of raw soapstone as an addition to the common rural style. It itself, along with the necessary works for its installation, costs about 7500 $.

A walnut case located on one side of the island was put on wheels. Bargiel I wanted it to be used as a trolley for serving drinks. This custom item of furniture cost 770 $.

The restored oak parquet dilutes the gray and white colors of the lockers and countertops, reflecting the love of homeowners for industrial and rural elements.

Exquisite custom-made furniture from Bremtown

Since the kitchen is hidden in the corner, sandra wanted to make sure she gets enough light. Upper storage systems are conveniently located around a single window. The use of glass for the front and sides of the cabinet allows light to pass through them completely.

And the original lamps above the kitchen island and the sink will make them comfortable. In addition, their bronze color fits perfectly into the overall picture of the room.

The restored wooden beams from the old barn will add warmth to the new design, creating a pleasant contrast with the design of metal and lighting the kitchen. The island is a large multifunctional space. Each side of it solves a certain task.

This place for cooking food, and for serving dishes, it is also a dining table. The side that serves as a dining area for two people.

Equipment: cast bronze handles from Top Knobs

The hood, made to order from black steel, has a brass guide for storing utensils at hand. The white metro tile perfectly contrasts with the dark hood and the gray locker. Ceramics cost about 2500 $.

Finish apron: tile metro, Trikeenan Modulus

On the other side of the island there is a storage system made to order and put on wheels. Therefore, it can be moved as needed. When it is not used, it is convenient to remove it under the kitchen island, and the wheels – to block. The walnut case looks out from under the counter a little, adding a thin warm contrast.

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