Advantages and disadvantages of using white in the kitchen interior – the opinion of the famous designer


Bright colorful colors, no doubt, like many. But the design of the kitchen in white is no less elegant and solemn.

We can not just use white shade in all surfaces, instruments and materials. This is the same as with a tight-fitting light dress or narrow jeans of the same shade.

White does not forgive much – small details, shortcomings, quality of raw materials and textures are too visible. This is because it reflects light, but at the same time, dark shades absorb it.

As a result, instead of using a bright saturated color, which under the strength to distract from low-quality materials, I will use white to emphasize the chic and beauty of surfaces and elements.

In addition, do not forget that an absolutely white room can have a too cold, sterile and unfriendly image.

You will see that most of the kitchens presented below are mostly white, but in their interior there is also a tree, for example, as a floor material or furniture, adding heat, charm and identity to the room. Bright tone also acts as an excellent background for bright decor elements.

Or, for greater peace of mind, you can add other neutral shades, such as beige, brown or gray. Let these 11 exquisite white spaces along with a few of my favorites serve you inspiration.

This beautiful kitchen is an excellent example of how to combine white, gray and woody hues. There are also stainless steel elements, but they are perfectly balanced by the farm table and a wooden floor covering with a rich patina.

The exposed beams of wood and the original lamps above the kitchen island add charm to this modern white kitchen.

And I like this natural sex. Of course, in comparison with mahogany he loses, but it looks very interesting and entertaining. This clean white kitchen with several charming touches: a beautiful kitchen island, glass hanging lamps above it, unusual doors of the upper lockers and lightly textured tiles in an apron between the lower and upper shelves.

For me, in an ideal kitchen, there should be excellent natural lighting, which oozes into a room from several windows. But for many reasons, such a scheme is often simply impossible. The best way to simulate is to use a monochromatic white palette with good artificial light.

For this kitchen it would be great to get natural light from the next room. But even if this does not work, you still feel some ease from the abundantly used white surfaces, beautifully reflected in stainless steel.

Here is another option, where there is clearly not enough window on the main wall, but thanks to snow-white cabinets, walls and a tabletop, there is a visual expansion of the space.

For those who want to place works of art or collectibles in the kitchen, for example turquoise dishes, the white room is the perfect choice of background. Think of the room as a gallery, in which art objects are represented at the exhibition.

I like hanging lamps and high stools in this room. White walls and cabinets play the role of a clean canvas, allowing the lamps and designer furniture to look the most spectacular.

White color scheme is also a good option for the kitchen, which boasts a panoramic view from the window. With such a beauty of nature as this, you do not want to be distracted by bright or unusual textures inside the room.

In addition, white shades work fine for balancing black, because, as a rule, dark tone is used closer to the ground, and walls and ceiling perform in a much lighter scale.

This kitchen illustrates how cool white color works, being an auxiliary, present in high-quality materials and masterfully executed details. Colorful walls and an intense wooden floor would be distracted from the magnificent marble.

White shades allow you to visually enlarge the room, make it more spacious than it really is.

And if you are lucky owners of a large kitchen, you can use a white tone for a smooth connection with other parts of the house.

Most paint companies can offer you "pure white" or "ultra-white" colors that will provide a fresh and even sterile look to your kitchen. But you can also choose a white shade with a light interspersion of yellow, gray or brown, which will add warmth or, conversely, coldness to the overall background.

Personally for me, white interior design is the best, because for the decoration of small apartments it fits most. As correctly written in the article, allows you to visually increase the space. The white interior of the kitchen looks especially good. Yes, I'll have to keep my eyes clean. But it's worth it, in my opinion.

Even if in the kitchen, in dark tones, the sandwiches did not fall down on the floor with oil, but frozen in the air, I would still choose white. Neither for the sake of visual expansion of space and any other benefits. And simply because I like the predominance of white in the interior. The reasons are inexplicable 

A wonderful selection of white kitchens is presented in this article. White color for the kitchen is the most advantageous, so as not to speak. Yes, I agree, you just need to dilute it with household items of a different color or with colorful accessories, then the white color of the lockers and drawers will play even more richly!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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