Additional storage and work surfaces – six advantages of kitchen islands


In the discussed topic of planning and design of the kitchen, it is necessary to touch upon the issue of so-called kitchen "islands", which are an excellent solution for medium and large rooms.

In the best interior of the kitchen should be present such qualities as convenience and functionality. Attractive design is also included in the priority list when planning rooms. After all, only when the room meets all your desires and needs, you will feel comfortable in it.

An excellent variant of an ergonomic solution is a practical and stylish "island". Such a piece of furniture will help to keep in close reach the necessary instruments and equipment.

Below are six advantages, when the interior includes this element.

1. Are added storage and storage of products and inventory

If you feel a lack of pantry, then he can solve this problem. Using a model with additional drawers, shelves in the kitchen and lockers is a wonderful solution in terms of functionality.

2. A great place for children

To make the kids feel themselves active assistants in the work and at the same time were within sight, the kitchen island is an excellent option for them.

Still on it you can place a refrigerator and a microwave oven within the reach of children so that they can come home from school and independently, without prejudice, warm up their dinner while the parents are away. A great opportunity for a child to feel independent.

3. Additional work surface or dining table

It can act as a dining place when a large number of guests are planned in the house. If there are small guests, adults and children will safely be accommodated at different tables.

This is an ideal surface, referring to the interior of the workplace, which can be used during cooking.

4. The mobile "island" adds universality to the room

When you need free space, it easily moves to another part of the kitchen or out of it. This model is great for rooms of small size.

5. As an additional convenience

It is used as an option to decorate a large kitchen. Here you can install a sink, stove or refrigerator. In order not to go a long distance, there are many designs of working triangle layout for saving cooking time.

In this case the room will become more convenient and functional. The modern possibilities of water and electrical services are unlimited, so there should not be any problems with the installation.

6. Wide choice of materials for manufacturing

Here a lot of varieties for every taste and purse. If the price matters, there is a great variety of plastic laminate or artificial cover.

For the average level of costs in the manufacture it is possible to consider such a kind of finishing materials as decorative concrete. In the high price range are granite and valuable varieties of wood. In any case, your "island" will be unique. If you have it, please tell us about it in our topic.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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