Actual trends in the choice of ceramic tiles for the kitchen interior – the fashion trends are told by the famous designer


Today it is difficult to find a kitchen that does not include a tiled area. And quite often this area you would like to change. The material for the apron should be chosen in accordance with the kitchen cabinets and the table top, so that the interior is uniform and consistent as a result.

These current trends of ceramic tiles and flooring of the best American design centers, possibly, will give your kitchen a new look.

Ultra-large format wall tiles – a very fashionable trend. It works particularly well in the field of an apron, and it is much easier to clean than a standard size tile. This interesting solution is an excellent addition to the style of the interior of modern cuisine.

Disorderly graphic patterns of monochrome coloring bring a drawing to the kitchen. The texture added here is another hot trend.

Tip: Try to use the graphics only as a focal point.

The style of the metro remains, undoubtedly, a fashionable choice. But only from small and white tiles becomes colorful and dimensional, as you see in this apron, made of materials from Fireclay Tile.

The glass mosaic version continues to be relevant. You will see it in shiny colors, as shown here, as well as in larger formats.

Metallic is still in a trend. It will be possible to meet it both in independent execution (for example, in a kitchen apron on this picture), and in a combination to other tiled materials.

Mosaic is an ancient art that returns to us today. You do not need to limit yourself to some traditional topics, which once again confirms this stylish and bold option.

Also, mosaic is the ideal way to personalize your space in the kitchen. Made to order on a work wall or on the floor, it can tell you about your hobbies or personal preferences.

Materials for finishing works from recycled materials can also look great. Tiles from recycled materials Fireclay Tile's Debris Series, shown in the photo, represents an eco-friendly option for kitchen renovation.

Now the tile is not necessarily just behind a sink or hob. The accent wall, for example, as this surface of a double design from Italian tiles, brings texture and color to a neutral reserved space.

Also, the large format of the decoration elements is a fashion choice for the kitchen floor. The tiled edges are now improved and more even, which allows you to make stowing with minimal seams. Such a modern floor covering looks neat and beautiful and also makes cleaning easier.

One of the hottest trends is the ceramic coating for wood. Like what is shown in this picture. You get a nice look of natural material, but you do not have to worry about the liquid on the floor. Such a tile looks great and will work well with any color scheme of the room.

You will enjoy the beauty of natural wood, but at the same time feel that under your feet you have a fairly firm surface.

"Large-format ceramic tiles, mosaic, glass, metallic and wooden versions will be favorites in kitchen interiors in the near future," says the author of the article and designer Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS.

Dear visitors of the Kitchen Interior resource, which of the presented ideas inspired you?

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