Accessories for kitchen interior: 5 unexpected solutions for decorating the room


Accessories for kitchen interior can be an interesting solution for decorating the room. If you are a fan of culinary delights, then we can offer you many creative ways to decorate the kitchen.

These elements, which you always keep on hand, are ideal for demonstration on open shelves and recesses, countertops and kitchen island. From your favorite coffee pots to cakes for cakes, – in today's article we will present you a collection of several culinary aids that can refresh the appearance of the kitchen!

Cozy interior with unusual culinary accents

Mortars and pestles

Many housewives acquire these tools solely for decorative purposes. And it's not a joke! But, having tried to use a mortar for the purpose, everyone understands that these adaptations are extremely practical. In mortars it is convenient to grind seasonings and even to press oil seeds for the preparation of original dressings in salads. And mortars and pistils are usually made of quality ceramics – faience and even porcelain – which looks great in the kitchen interior.

Porcelain products from Williams Sonoma 5

Products from natural wood are also very popular, as they add rustic charm even to the most modern interior. Unusually and stylishly, they will look at the background of snow-white tile or light marble. These models from the brand Rustic Dish are a vivid confirmation of this.

Accessories from Rustic Dish

You can store a mortar and pestle on an open shelf near the sink, but it will be no less successful to store them on a countertop or kitchen island, especially if it is as noticeable as in the following example. This cute utensil will remind you of a rustic kitchen or old pharmacy, spreading the delicious flavors of ground herbs and other spices throughout the house.

Rural notes in a London apartment. The project from the studio Russell Taylor Architects

Coffee pots

Even if you are not an "early bird", you will certainly start your day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The refined press-press from Williams-Sonoma will become a wonderful addition to the decoration of the kitchen. Since coffee pots are usually used daily, why not provide them with a convenient place on the countertop?

French press from Williams-Sonoma

Currently, the market has a lot of industrial and glamorous coffee pots, inspiring many connoisseurs to collect some unusual models and proudly show them to guests. This magnificent coffee pot from Bodum Eileen with an elegant golden body is a unique piece of decor and a useful thing for lovers of an invigorating drink.

Coffee pot Bodum Eileen

Brilliant metal teapots become an integral part of modern design, which makes them an ideal accessory for the kitchen. The laconism of the metal and the airiness of the glass perfectly transform the interior. Do not drink coffee? Then you can place on the counter top your favorite teapot!

Pots and pans

This utensil is often hidden from the eyes and removed far away in the cupboards. But more and more gourmets and culinary enthusiasts are proud to choose multi-colored kitchen accessories and demonstrate them in a prominent place, such as these bright pots.

Crockery Le Creuset by Williams-Sonoma

Cast-iron and enamelled cutlery can easily be in the spotlight, demonstrating a wide range of shades. The photo shows unique dishes in the style of modern art, which looks very attractive on open shelves.

Dishes in the modern interior

A colorful saucepan, comfortably arranged on a stove, can become the most important accent in the decor. It perfectly harmonizes with the white suite and stylish lamps.

Bordovan saucepan – a bright accent in a calm interior

Cheese boards

Now we will talk about cutting boards, which are used today not only for cutting products, but also for the embodiment of original ideas in the interior! Look at the photo – there are many interesting models with pens that can be hung on the walls of the kitchen.

Variety of colors and shapes

You can place cutting boards and against the wall to create a background for other tools. Many boards – as, for example, this model Captain from СВ2, – are interesting and in themselves: textured wood and a bright rope-fastening perfectly enliven the decor.

Cutting board from CB2

This set from ferm LIVING is too stylish to not use it in the interior of the house! Clear geometric patterns create an interesting ornament that looks particularly stylish against the backdrop of a neutral wall tone.

Set of colorful boards from ferm LIVING

Cake stands

We can not forget about the treats! The cake is always worthy to be placed on a beautiful stand, for example, on this open plate with a leg. White glazed pottery can easily fit into any interior.

Elegant cake stand

This dish for a cake with a dome from Crate & Barrel will be a wonderful addition to any style of cuisine. It can take a central place on the table at festive events and events of the buffet format. This item is functional and stylish at the same time!

Glass plate from Crate & Barrel

Stand for sweets, filled with treats, is worthy to become the center of attention. Look how original and unusual this dish looks in the center of the kitchen island.

Unique glass accessory with lid

Are you ready to arrange your favorite kitchen utensils in a conspicuous place? Mortars and pistils, coffee pots and kettles, cheese boards and cake stands are wonderful elements to refresh the interior.

Marble kitchen with creative accessories from the studio Camille Styles

We presented to your attention a selection of home decor options that can easily transform the interior of your kitchen, giving it a cozy and charming.

And did you like these decisions? Share with us in the comments below!

Photo from the studio Alice Lane Home Collection via Houzz.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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