A wonderful selection of design ideas for kitchen storage systems – now you will all be under control!


A lot of annoying piling up of kitchen items, especially if they are in sight. How to avoid this and to establish the long-awaited order, today we will tell in this article.

Interior Design convenient for using the kitchen requires knowledge of the individual needs and habits of all family members. One thing is certain: no one likes to run from corner to corner while cooking. And the availability of easy access to utensils is an important factor that provides the chef with comfortable and trouble-free work.

A drawer is a very effective use of limited space. It can store a large number of jars of spices.

The picture above also presents a box with a vertical storage system. Here it is additionally highlighted in color.

A good idea: to have small kitchen tools at hand near the cooker. Here you can put even a bucket for garbage.

If kitchen is small in size, then very useful will be a high mobile shelf – a sort of pantry. If you want, you can put it on the rollers.

In a small room modern kitchen Fits along one wall. All equipment: refrigerator, hob, sink, dishwasher and microwave oven – neatly built in and closed from the eyes.

Here is another wonderful example of a compact but functional and beautiful kitchen. The vertical sliding doors of the cabinet, when they are open, do not occupy space and do not interfere during the meal.

In a headset with this design kitchen cabinets closed type. And glass shelves allow you to see everything that is on them.

And in this kitchen shelves and shelving not a hindrance to comfortably sit, work with a laptop.

Such drawers solve the problem of storing a small batch of bakery products: baking, cakes, biscuits.

If the kitchen is small, then each item storage systems should serve many purposes. This is necessary for a comfortable stay. In this design, the printer is hidden and pulled out of the cabinet only when necessary.

Sponges, brushes and other unsightly things can be stored in a small opening panel under the sink.

The door of the cabinet does not always have to open vertically, taking up a lot of space. It can be used as a sliding shelf or stand for small appliances, which is hidden here, but easily accessible.

Furniture fittings allows you to design a door that does not interfere with the lower doors.

The door of the cupboard filled with wine glasses is thrown upwards, without disturbing anyone.

On this photo very beautiful sliding shelves.

Welcome to our kitchen design resource! We created a collection of unusual and attractive kitchen interiors and decor ideas for decorating your home.

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