A stylish kitchen island: the work of two great masters


Stylish kitchen island from Snaidero and Pinifarina

The stylish kitchen island OLA25, created by the designers Snaidero and Pinifarina, is able to turn the standard idea of ​​the kitchen. This is the case when, at one glance at such a kitchen, the jaw hangs in amazement.

In honor of the celebration of the 25 anniversary of teamwork, Edi Snaidero and Paolo Pininfarina released a limited collection of kitchen islands from 84 components that will help you choose the style and configuration that best fits your lifestyle. This island is nothing but a work of art with smooth, streamlined forms.

Kitchen island in the interior

Carbon fiber is covered with glossy black lacquer. The doors of the cupboards are made in champagne color, and the working surface is made of smooth black glass. All together makes an exciting impression.

This model simultaneously combines two styles – modern, but at the same time, classical – and this is not so easy. This unique kitchen island perfectly fits into any interior – whether it is a modern house with a glass attic, or a traditional old house.

Combining unusual design and functionality is not easy, but Snaidero and Pinifarina were able to do it. You can give honor to the real masters of their craft!

Smooth lines of details of kitchen island from Snaidero and Pinifarina

This kitchen island looks like a masterpiece of fine art, transforming the kitchen workspace.

A large and comfortable countertop kitchen island

I would really like to have a stylish kitchen island, and the island in general in the kitchen, since with a small kitchen such luxury is impossible. Here in a spacious room really installed a stylish island that meets all modern requirements.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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