A stylish breakfast corner in the kitchen interior: options for performance


Home cooking has recently been growing in popularity, especially after the release of several successful television shows on American and European channels.

Today many people, when repairing their houses, invest money in the most effective and functional equipment of the kitchen.

They buy professional equipment – commercial ovens, high-quality espresso machines, wine coolers, sous-vide plates, – made in one style and looking pretty standard.

Fill such a room with comfort and warmth will be able to a small charming banquet corner, which is great for rest, dining and enjoying communication with relatives and friends.

Today, we present to your attention seven design options for this area, which, perhaps, will inspire you to transform your own kitchen.

1. American traditional snack bar

Such a set fits perfectly into a classic interior. Pay attention to the magnificent marble top, the patterned finish of the floor, the high backs of the benches with heart-shaped cutouts. Simple and stylish!

Dining room from Ridge Construction LLC

2. Japanese steak house or Asian fusion

Ordering and strict geometry are clearly traced in this kitchen design. Built-in wooden benches with black leather seats and a concise table on one leg complete this unusual style.

Such benches are an excellent solution for small spaces. They differ in a slim minimalistic silhouette, as well as high functionality.

The project from Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc.

3. Elevated mood 50-ies

This kitchen in Irvine, California, is decorated in light colors, diluted with rich red accents – decorative cushions and other accessories made of fabric.

The snow-white corner baket is in harmony with the magnificent crystal table and the amazing Panton plastic chairs.

Kitchen area from M & J STAR CONSTRUCTION, INC

4. French bistro

Here in the center of attention is a magnificent sofa with a soft green upholstery. A modern fashionable table and flowing semi-transparent curtains create a cozy and serene atmosphere.

Dining room from PLATEMARK DESIGN

5. Greek tavern

For this country is characterized by a combination of impeccable white and bright sapphire hue in the decor. Use this color scheme to transform the dining room, and complement the interior with soft sofas and wicker chairs.

Project from Charlie Barnett Associates

6. Cafe in the subway or a prestigious tavern

Install the original engineering structure in the form of a booth, which will allow you to enjoy your meal in a cozy atmosphere. Add to the interior a small lamp, laconic chairs and simple decorations.

Dining room from Morgante Wilson Architects

7. Ski Resort in Colorado

Decorative butovy walls, wooden surfaces, as well as slate flooring give this unusual house in New England brightness and expressiveness.

Project from Studio One-Off Architecture & Design

And do not forget about accessories and ornaments that will fill the atmosphere of the apartment with a cozy home and warmth.

Design from moment design + productions, llc

We presented to you some interesting options for creative interior design of the kitchen with original places for breakfast.

And did you like these works from talented specialists from different parts of the world? Share with us your decisions to transform this space .

A corner with benches or leather sofas is definitely the most comfortable place for dinner. They can harmoniously fit into any interior, you just have to do it competently, in accordance with the materials and the color solution. And finishing touches will be accessories and jewelry. Such a cozy corner will never want to leave.

The variant of the dining area from M & J STAR CONSTRUCTION, INC. Looks unusually beautiful. Although for my kitchen I would choose the option presented by Charlie Barnett Associates, since it seemed to me the most cozy and attractive. In addition, it has a very interesting combination of materials, which favorably distinguish it from other options.

The kitchen corner is an integral part of every kitchen, so its design should fully match the styling and color scheme of the whole room. No matter, a large kitchen or small, light or dark, without a kitchen corner can not do.

Very stylish and comfortable done. In my opinion, the best option is a simple American traditional snack bar. It looks organic, and most importantly, what many will like. A useful article for those who want to change something in the interior design of the kitchen. You can take a lot of notes.

The first and sixth ideas are simply sunk into the soul! This breakfast area can be arranged in the hallway. In the general interior of the room, the breakfast corner will become a bright element of the decor. A great idea is a modern idea. Very beautiful photo of interiors of rooms.

Most liked the option – the Greek tavern. I love that it was cute and cozy. The color scheme, too, should preferably be light, but not pale at the same time. In general, all the options are fine, there is plenty to choose for each style of the interior.

The French bistro creates an atmosphere of coziness and freshness. I like soft light tones. A light green sofa in combination with a table on chrome legs looks exquisite. American traditional snack bar will fit into any classic interior style: Renaissance, classicism, Empire, modern and others.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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