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Designer Jennifer Ott decided to independently rebuild her kitchen in Austin, and as a result she remained without a dining room. kitchensinteriors is ready to tell you the details of this detective story.

Jennifer and her husband at all did not use a separate dining area, located across the wall from the cramped kitchen. They decided to get rid of the partition to create a modern open space, equally convenient for culinary experiments and entertainment.

A bold color palette, two storage rooms, ergonomic cabinets and a cozy breakfast corner formed the interior that the family had been dreaming of for many years.

Jennifer and her husband wanted to find room for teamwork in the kitchen, as well as a convenient layout that allows free movement of not only the two culinary specialists, but also the company of invited friends. Thus, wide passages were a mandatory requirement for future design.

According to Ott, the distance between furnishings should range from 120 to 140 cm, especially if the tenants spend a lot of time preparing food and like to gather guests.

Wider passages are useless, because very few people like to race for marathon distances whenever you need to clean dishes from the table. Although of course, the determining factor is the initial size of the room. In our case, the area of ​​the renovated kitchen was 23 sq. M. meter, the dining area – 10 square. meters.

After the dismantling of the partition between the dining room and the old kitchen, the invited architect Christy Sils installed a massive ceiling beam for more reliable support of the second floor, but this was followed by some difficulties.

Since the beam was not less than 30 cm in width, part of the ceiling in the kitchen sank down. Nevertheless, the spouses find this a certain delight, considering that such a different level of construction forms the depth and subtlety of this open space.

In choosing the color palette, Jennifer pushed away from the design of her favorite dishes. Thick, expensive items like quartz countertops and concrete floors mostly have neutral shades, and more affordable items – accessories and finishes – are bold in colors.

Despite the addiction to order in the kitchen, Ott does not always find the strength to put everything in order. Therefore, it provided for roomy compartments under the seat of the breakfast bench, in which now used infrequently used kitchen utensils.

Two pantries at the far end of the kitchen serve the same purpose. They are behind closed doors, and therefore do not need regular cleaning.

Jennifer chose cabinets with deep drawers instead of shelves, making it easier to access the necessary things. To ensure that the open shelves are not covered with dust, they put the dishes that are used most often – bowls, plates and glasses.

For the sake of economy, it was decided not to change the existing plumbing. This limited the possibilities of planning, but the availability of free space compensated for all the flaws.

Ott believes that in a limited budget, you need to prioritize and invest in those components that are most relevant to you, taking into account how the kitchen will be used.

Perhaps someone will find it strange that this modern interior is satisfied with the presence of an ordinary plate. The fact is that Jennifer does not know how to bake, so she does not need a separate oven.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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