A spacious kitchen in a rustic style: several examples of unique design solutions


Everything new is well forgotten old. This also applies to the restructuring of your kitchens. We draw the reader’s attention that the rural theme in design is always in fashion. This is due to its charm and efficiency. Go back to the past and reinvent the rustic design will be much easier if you know a few tricks confirming the authenticity of the style.

Imagine yourself in the good old days. The rooster wakes you up. Having thrown off the quilt, you descend down the creaking steps to the kitchen. You open a wooden door and see fluttering flower curtains on the window. An antique cupboard and sunny bunnies on the ceiling complement this pacifying picture.

Do not you want to remake the kitchen to instill in it this simple, rustic atmosphere? Then we offer a few steps to return the rural spirit to your modern home, so that it looks more like pictures from the old calendar.

Step One: Natural Materials

Use as much organic and natural materials as possible, try to avoid synthetics. The worktop is a great way to highlight the rural elements: rectangular, covered with metal, on a massive wooden base, it only emphasizes the features we need.

To decorate the room, choose not too light, neutral stone tiles, because in the past, such kitchens were heavily polluted.

Step Two: Old things

Living in the village most often means that the house is located far from the city and shops, when any trip there can be regarded as a great event. Time and distance play a big role in rural life, so here you often have to use what you already have. It’s great for the budget, and for expanding your design experiments.

Be sure to find the antiques and highlight your kitchen, make it more individual. Designers advise to apply for the cabinet cross-shaped handles from a tap in the bathroom or a sink. And do not limit your imagination.

Step Three: Family Relics

Handwritten recipes, old photos and even sentimental family relics that we inherited – all this can be used in the decor of your kitchen, do not hide them in chests and closets.

Recipes can be hung in frames and more often cooked on them, forks and spoons – turned into stylized wall hooks, only slightly bending them. These and other ways of decorating add extra functionality.

Step Four: open and simple

Be moderate in the choice of accessories, give up the mess and clutter with unnecessary things. Install simple wooden shelves to store dishes and mugs. This will free up more space in the cabinets, as well as turn these daily used things into decorating elements of the kitchen.

Very often real rural kitchens have a large area, there is a place for hats, and for dirty shoes, which will no longer leave traces on the freshly washed floor. Try to beat it in your design.

Step five: just hang

Another way to store is a simple hanging. If you have ceiling beams, now is the time to show them to guests. They can be attached not only chandeliers, but also kitchen accessories, which, among other things, will make them easily accessible.

When in a place for cooking everything, even pots, are at arm’s length – this greatly facilitates the process. If the dishes are messed up in a mess in the lower drawers of cabinets, then something to get out of there, you have to constantly bend or crouch.

At the moment, most of us live in areas where there is no rural livestock, and the air is not as fresh as the village one. But our advice on giving a rural atmosphere to your kitchen and using environmentally friendly materials will help to forget about smog and other unpleasant features of city life.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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