A simple formula for success for the original cuisine: fashion + beauty + functionality = island!


A stylish kitchen island is a universal and useful addition that will make your life easier. Increasingly, this detail of the interior can be found in modern apartments. The kitchen island attracts attention and pleases the eye, however, its design is not a simple occupation, requiring careful preparation and high-quality execution. Otherwise, instead of a beautiful and compact assistant you will get a lot of new problems.

Today, on the popular kitchen interior resource, you will see a whole collection of ideas. Perhaps one of them is ideal for your home. In order to create a truly luxurious kitchen, which combines great design and high technology, you need to take into account a number of simple rules. If you take up the planning yourself, they can push you in the right direction.

Amateurs often try to equip the largest kitchen island in their house, completely disregarding the general parameters. The primary task is precisely the proper organization of the working space, and then – a beautiful design. Also it is necessary to determine the functional direction in advance.

Do you need a place to eat? Or additional lockers for storing food? Or maybe it will be a compact studio for cooking? A clearly defined task will not only decorate and complement your kitchen, but also simplify the whole subsequent process of work.

ideal proportions

Carefully calculate the desired size of the island based on the total area of ​​the kitchen. After all, to implement your plans, you need a home appliance of certain parameters. Remember that having a lot of free space does not guarantee an excellent result.

Cumbersome furniture visually "eats" space, but too small – it will look ridiculous and instead of optimizing the space it will be a waste of precious meters.


The next step is to design the walkways and the distance between the island and the rest of the furniture set. Paying all attention to the central part of the composition, many overlook this small but important nuance.

The ideal distance of the pass can be considered 90-110 see. If less – then there are problems with moving, more – the free space will be used irrationally.

Custom shapes and designs

To create an ideal design, you need to consider different options. Perhaps the one you need is far from the usual rectangular shapes. The classic kitchen island is already so entrenched in the minds of people that they do not consider other projects by default!

Nevertheless, there are many interesting designs. Round, oval, T-shaped or L-shaped – the possibilities are simply endless. Let your kitchen become an object of creativity, not stereotypes.


The work surface should not only be combined with the overall design of the kitchen, but also meet your requirements in the cooking process. If you like to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it makes sense to form separate working units of different texture: wooden – for vegetables, marble for baking, stainless steel – for meat products.


Racks and cabinets are an integral part of the kitchen island. They allow you to better organize the space, beautifully arrange all the utensils, keep everything you need at hand. For each project, the number and depth of the boxes is calculated individually, depending on the needs of the owner.

Fashion trends in the kitchen interior recommend to limit the number of shelves. It is better to confine yourself to several deep and wide drawers, which in the future can be delineated by special inserts and smaller boxes.

Large rooms give more space for creativity. Since you do not need to save space here, you can place your favorite collection of porcelain or cookbooks on open shelves and shelves.

Coordination Center

Often, in addition to cooking, the kitchen is also the place of gathering of all members of the family. This should be taken into account when planning the location of places around the island. Some designs offer separate countertops for cooking and eating.

In this case, they may differ in color, texture or height. You may need to replace stools with high bar stools or vice versa. In addition to purely practical functions, the table should be comfortable to sit.


Which functions will be performed by your new stylish kitchen needs to be solved at the design stage. Do you need additional facilities on the kitchen island or not? It is necessary to take into account all expenses for additional plumbing, gas line, exhaust and ventilation.

You may want to include a dishwasher, microwave oven or freezer in your project. It is very difficult to integrate something into an already ready project, and in some cases it is impossible. It is better to provide free niches in advance so as not to sacrifice your comfort in the future.


For the organization of high-grade lighting in the kitchen with an island you will need both hanging and built-in lamps. Ideally, the room should have at least three light sources. Some of them can be soft and diffuse, others – more focused and functional.

Do not underestimate the natural sunlight. As for the kitchen island – here the invariable favorites of designers were and remain bulky pendant sconces. But, it is quite possible that in your kitchen you will want to change this.

Yes, creating a stylish kitchen design is not an easy task. Here practicality goes hand in hand with aesthetics. You can easily come up with the island project yourself, but it's better to entrust it to professionals who can turn a mountain of shelves and cabinets into the kitchen of your dreams.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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