A room for a teenager boy: interior and design


In the life of all parents there comes a time when children grow up and turn from small shalunishek into mature enough and independent teenagers. The boy no longer needs bears, bunnies and cars. His view on the design and interior of his room is drastically changing. And then it's time to change the children's situation to a more adult one. How to achieve the right result, so that the room is comfortable for the young man and arrange for the parents? It's not so difficult, the main thing is to listen to the young man's opinion and consult with him, after all it's his room. Parents need only to send their son and help with advice.

Planning a repair in the room of a teenager, we will determine the sequence of work stages.


General design of the room, furniture and color nuances. Tips for choosing a bed and a mattress for her. Wardrobe or storage space for a teenager. The correct location of the desktop.

Councils for the selection of materials. Advantages and disadvantages of metal and wood. Particular attention will be paid to the beds and work area.

Place for the reception of guests and how to place them correctly. Corner for a hobby or how to properly organize a leisure zone.

Options for good lighting. Correct arrangement of fixtures. Saving electricity with several switches.

General advice. How to help a teenager properly arrange his room. We equip a place for hobbies with a board of plywood or chipboard.

Ideas of modern design

So, the first part of the plan is a general design of the room, that is, design. Since the adolescent period is a certain boundary between childhood and a more mature age, the design can be mixed. Often, the boys decorate their room in a simple style, but add some hilarious details.

When choosing a room design, pay attention to the fact that teenagers often prefer a mixed style

The boy chooses the color for his room himself, depending on his preferences. Of course, if he wants to take a too bright or dark color, try to discuss it with him. Explain that these colors quickly get bored and keep the nervous system in constant tension. That is, in this room it will be difficult to relax and rest. If you can not convince, suggest that you adjust such a design with the help of contrasts with the color of furniture. You can also choose an alternative way to solve the problem – to make bright (dark) only one wall, and the rest are more calm.

Idea for a successful adjustment of a bright design

In order to avoid the gloomy effect of black color, you can apply its combination with white

What else determines the design of the room? It is very important to choose the right bed, its size should fully match the boy's height and weight. In addition, it is worth considering whether he likes a lot of space for sleep or he needs a small bed.

A narrow bed is a great idea to save space

But a wide bed in a small room will be appropriate if the space is properly organized

A mattress is better to choose orthopedic, to maintain and adjust the posture. In general, this is a universal advice, since orthopedic mattresses have a beneficial effect absolutely on all people, regardless of gender and age.

As for cabinets, for men they are often small. Rarely, when it happens that a male representative has a lot of things, usually they are content with the most necessary. A good option, especially for a small room, will be a cabinet built into the wall – practical and economical.

But most often in the room of a teenager you can find chest of drawers. They are more compact and tidy than cabinets and do not take up much space.

But shelves for young people like, there you can place your awards, gifts. There are young men who like to decorate their rooms with interesting statuettes and simply beautiful decor.

And for book lovers, racks are perfect for storing your collection.

How do you like reading?

Young people spend a lot of time at the computer, so it is important that the table was comfortable and had the right location. The best place for him is near the window, so that the light falls in front. If there is no such possibility, then the light falling on the left will also fit.

Brick masonry on the wall in the room of a teenager is found more often lately. This expresses the brutality of the youth, makes him more mature and courageous.

Brick wall in the room of a teenager

Brick element of two walls

Brutality of the interior with a brick wall

We choose good furniture for the interior

Most men have a minimalist atmosphere. Young people who have reached adolescence are no exception. They are often satisfied with only the necessary furniture, without cluttering up space. What is the main thing? Of course, the materials from which the pieces of furniture are made. The most commonly chosen are metal and wood. Their advantages and disadvantages are discussed below.


High strength, long service life, fire resistance, not prone to corrosion. If mechanical damage (scratches) occurs, it is easy to restore, that is, simply paint. No need to cover or soak with chemicals. You can wash, even every day, it will not spoil the material. Beautiful appearance.

This is a natural material that is considered environmentally friendly, it is proved that the tree helps in the fight against allergies. The tree breathes, has a unique natural flavor and a beautiful pattern. It is also very plastic material, from which it is easy to create practical any design forms and compositions. In addition, wooden furniture is light in weight.


Great weight, which complicates the process of transportation or moving around the room. The cold surface of metal furniture seems to many to be a significant drawback. Complexity during self-assembly.

High price. Caprice in relation to care. Since the tree does not tolerate humidity and high temperatures, it is necessary to take care of it properly. And also to protect against corrosion it is important that the wooden furniture is covered with special compounds.

So, after thinking over all the pros and cons of these materials, choose the one that suits you best.

Among all the furniture, the most important is the bed, this is the place for rest and recuperation. Above we have already mentioned some important points about this piece of furniture. What else do you need to know? For convenience and space saving the room, you can choose a model with a drawer, where you can store some things and bed linen.

For small rooms, beds with drawers

And they can be of all sizes

Near the bed, you can put the nightstand with or without a floor lamp.

Or a small table.

Beautifully and elegantly look the bedside shelves. It's just in the spirit of minimalism, which many teenagers like.

Shelves above the head of the bed

Saving space and ease of use

Wall-mounted bedside table

Incarnations of the spirit of minimalism

Comfortable working area (place for classes)

Since all adolescents study either in school or in other educational institutions, they need a good job. The table must be comfortable and the boy should approach the height. The size is selected in accordance with the subjects that are necessary for classes, and there should also be enough free space for the arrangement of books and work in notebooks. Modern tables have all the necessary adaptations for teenagers: shelves for the office, drawers and much more. If there is a computer, you can choose a special computer desk with a monitor stand, a sliding keyboard panel and a lower shelf for the system unit. Although the last time is increasingly being given preference to the compactness of the laptop, this will save a significant amount of desktop size. A convenient and ergonomic device are wall shelves or racks that are located above the table or on the side of it at arm's length. That is, the boy does not need to get up every time to take the necessary book or other items, it is only necessary to reach out.

An armchair or chair is also important to choose the right size, which will ideally fit the height of the table. For convenience, you can take a seat. The back and seat should be soft, this will relieve some of the burden on the young man's body.

For convenience, on the desktop, place the lamp, which should be located so that the light falls on the left.

A place for relaxation and entertainment

Everyone needs a place where he will rest and do what he likes, even if it's a game with a friend. To do this, depending on the size of the room, select the zone in which the attributes for entertainment will be located. Most often it's a TV and a game console. In this case, in front of the TV, just not very close, put the chairs – their number will depend on the number of guests coming at the same time in the young man.

If the area allows – plan a place for rest and gatherings with friends

If there is no place for chairs, you can buy special and become popular in recent times, seat bags. But if you want to save space even more, you can put a very soft carpet, where the guests and the host will be located.

Of course, the boy can have other hobbies, for example, sports character, music, modeling, design and so on. In any case, for this it is necessary to organize a special place where the boy will be pleased to do what he likes. It is important that it is well lit.

Lighting is the guarantee of health

The ideal lighting option is the union of a large window and additional lamps for the evening time. True, it is not always appropriate to use a large window size. For example, if the room faces the sunny side, then it is worth taking care to darken the room with curtains or blinds. In this case, the window opening can be made small in size. But with respect to lamps it is important to know that there should be several, preferably located on the ceiling in equal distance from each other. This will create diffuse lighting, which is a good option. You can even make several switches, each of which will turn on and off only certain lamps. This little trick can save electricity. For example, a boy currently needs light only in the work area, then he can turn on the lights above this section of the room, and the rest will be turned off as unnecessary. That is, it turns out that over each zone in the room will be installed their lamps and separate switches for them. By the way, why are we talking about fixtures? Because few of the young people prefer chandeliers, this is more for the female part. The maximum that young men choose is the floor lamps of modern models for the bedside zone.

Zoning with luminaires


Another important point about lighting is that you do not need to choose fluorescent lights, they have a magnetic field and flicker, which is bad for vision, especially for a young man. Better be in the lamps are the usual lamps.

How to help a teenager decorate his room

For the decor of their home, adolescents often choose sports subjects. It can be a bicycle suspended over the bed.

Or an image of your favorite sports game on the whole wall. Boys, in general, it is important to be surrounded by the attributes of their hobbies, then they feel confident.

If a young man is fascinated by the sea and adventures, then, naturally, he will want the whole room to convey this atmosphere. Beige and blue tones, curtains with a picture of ships and seagulls, a chest with an image in the same theme, on the walls of a painting with yachts, one of them frames imitates a life ring – which can be more romantic. Such a young man probably has a poetic soul. He craves wandering, and the design of his room says so.

Marine motives for travelers

Another example of a boy's room is that her master is keen on skateboarding.

Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that the young man has a bold and determined character, impulsiveness and perseverance. Accordingly, such a boy will approach the design of the room in black and red colors. This is the best way to characterize the lifestyle that the teenager leads.

For serious young people, a strict minimalist design fits – nothing superfluous, no jewelry and everything else. The maximum that they can add to their room is a simple and unusual drawing. In the photo below this design is presented with an imitation of the continents on the globe. The color palette of such people is limited to gray, black and white. Maybe a small wooden bedside table, a natural color.

Strict interior will suit serious and purposeful teenagers

Many young people prefer this interior precisely because of the lack of bright colors, which contributes to peace, relaxation and good mental work.

In general, the decor of young people can be the most unusual, they want to express themselves, and this is due to the design of their room. You can find such a decor as a tree.

The wall to which the bed adjoins is completely decorated with wooden stripes, a mirror frame of the same material and a wooden rack near the bed. Here the spirit of nature reigns, the smell of wood, its unique pattern and texture envelop the room and bring comfort to it.

Many adolescent boys like to decorate the walls with posters with favorite heroes of films, sports programs and so on. In order not to spoil the walls, because the preferences of young men often change, you can offer an interesting way to decorate. Take a sheet of plywood, chipboard is also suitable, and glue it with a self-adhesive film. On such a surface, a teenager can stick on everything he wants and then easily change posters or drawings. If necessary, the film is easy to replace, it's not as expensive as changing wallpaper or repainting walls. Thus, the young man himself will create his own corner of hobbies.

For the facades of furniture special labels are invented, which are subsequently removed without a trace. Now there is a wide selection of different themes for such labels, which can be picked up absolutely for any age, including teenage. This kind of decor looks more solid and accurate than the magazine or newspaper clippings. Nowadays, we began to make stickers made of luminescent film, which are very popular with the younger generation due to the fact that they glow in the dark.

Although dark tones are not so often used in bedrooms, but if used correctly they can contribute their share of originality

So, when creating a teenage room, think, first of all, about the convenience for a young man who will live in it. Do not seek to embody here all your fantasies and dreams. Let it be your son's dreams. He must choose his design, according to his preferences. First of all, the room should be like a boy.

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