A room for a little boy holding a whole world


From an early age, kids need their own corner, which must necessarily correspond to their hobbies and interests, and also reflect their inner world. If a teenage boy decorating his room takes care of himself, then a small preschool child in such a matter needs more adult help. After all, every age of the child imposes certain features in the design of the interior. The room for the little boy represents the whole world, which for him will become a place for the embodiment of his incredible childhood boyish fantasies.

The main criteria for building an interior for a little boy

Since a small boy is usually trying in every way, not excluding his mouth, to know the world, the interior of his room, first of all, needs security. Moreover, most often boys differ from girls by their increased mobility, activity, and sometimes ingenuity. Of course, over time, the interests of the child will grow and change, like the interior of his room, which he will later tell you in which direction it will be necessary to change it. Those. The children’s room will grow with your boy. In the meantime, at an early age, it should be remembered that in the nursery there should be a minimum number of different dust collectors. It’s even better if they do not exist at all. Especially it concerns floor covering – hairy surfaces should be completely excluded. Cleaning in the room should be frequent and convenient: the floors are easy to wash, and curtains, bedspreads, capes, etc. are easy to remove and in time to wear off.

A very important point is the choice of furniture. For young children, it also has its own characteristics. It should not have sharp corners, and it is desirable that there are fewer drawers that are less dangerous for the little hands of the kids.

Choice of color scheme of the interior

As you know, color affects the mood, and children are even more affected. In this regard, it is not recommended to go overboard with black and white – these colors cause lethargy and despondency, in other words, emotional starvation. It is believed that the interior shades inherent in boys are usually blue, blue, green, beige. However, this does not limit your choice.

The main color criteria are determined by the preferences of the child himself, and also, the thematic direction in which the interior will be executed. A good option is a combination on the walls of two colors, for example, light blue and light yellow. In general, according to the designers, it is necessary to combine or soft colors that are similar in tone, or to use a harmonious combination of contrasting colors. As for the second option, we should pay special attention to this issue here, since it is necessary to choose a combination of colors that will not subsequently tire the psyche of the boy with prolonged exposure. For example, it is strictly forbidden to use a combination of red and green, which is an annoying factor that causes anxiety. When combining contrasting colors, one should observe the main rule – one of the colors should be dominant and occupy a large area, while it should be quite muted, while the second color may be brighter, but it will be less in the interior. In other words, a brighter color should always occupy a smaller area. Usually, saturated tones are used to decorate the playing area.

Ideas that can be developed in the interior of a small boy’s room

The interior of the baby’s room is usually built on the development of the main idea or topic that the child himself will tell you, based on his preferences and hobbies. One of the most common and popular subjects for boys is the interior in the marine style. It can include anything you like: ships, pirates, submarines, ships – everything that reminds of sea adventures. And as a decoration apply all the marine shades and natural wood, imitating the walls of the ship and the deck. For accessories in this case, suitable things like old maps, ropes, compasses, anchors and pirate flags. Thus, the cabin of your young sailor will be equipped in the best way.

In addition to the favorite marine theme, sports themes are often used. This idea is relevant if the house has a growing athlete. In this case, the interior of his room is surrounded by appropriate sports attributes, depending on the preferred sport: skates, hockey stick, basketball ring, dumbbells, soccer balls, etc. As accessories in this case, wonderful posters of your favorite athletes, boxing pears, as well as your own achievements – certificates and awards are wonderful. The color scheme of the sports interior usually includes red and white shades.

Also it should be noted that an unusual delight for the boy will get a room, designed like a music studio, especially if your child is a young guitarist or a drummer. With this option, the space is filled with musical instruments and all the necessary attributes of the studio.

Another most popular topic for the boy is the technique. Here there can be cars, trains, planes, and space ships – everything that gets into the list of interests and preferences of your baby. Original beds look like a car or a locomotive. Accessories can serve as a collection of cars, ships, airplanes, as well as all kinds of bright posters and racing flags. Homemade bright modelki also perfectly suited for decorating the interior, as well as large toys.

The theme of nature is also often present in the interior of the room for the boy. In principle, this topic is suitable for girls. Therefore, very often it is chosen for interior decoration for two different-sex children, so that no one’s interests are infringed. The field of activity here is quite wide – from the jungle to the image of an ordinary forest with compositions of leaves and cones. It is possible that an aquarium with fish will become a wonderful accessory. You can also supplement the interior with photographs or paintings with the appropriate themes. And even great houseplants will perfectly fit into the natural interior.

Furniture in the interior of a children’s room for a boy

The main rule that should be observed in this matter is not to clutter up space with more furniture. In the room for the boy there should be only all the essentials, besides the furniture should be functional. Those. the choice should mainly be based on maximum compactness in favor of freedom of space.

Do not forget about the sports complex according to the age of the child, because sports corner of a growing man is just necessary. Of course, in addition to furniture, in the interior of a small boy can not do without modern electronic or mechanical toys, all kinds of radio-controlled models of boats, cars, airplanes, etc. – and where without them, after all, boys!

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