A new trend of kitchen design – elegant and practical chairs a la bistro


Let's close our eyes for a moment and move to Paris . Cobbled streets with hurrying or carelessly strolling people, ancient buildings, bookstores, luxury boutiques, dotted with the names of the most famous fashion designers, and necessarily – charming cafes with terraces under the open sky. The air is filled with the aromas of fresh baked goods and spicy cheeses, the visitors are talking animatedly, and it seems that each of them is immensely happy to be here now.

To understand what exactly fascinates us in this idyllic picture is rather difficult, but why not try to bring at least some of its charm to your home – no matter where it is and wherever it is located? If you, too, experience a nostalgic craving for everything that reminds of romantic images of European cities, make a choice in favor of dining chairs in the style of bistros.

One of the most popular versions of this design is a wicker chair. Already for approximately two centuries, they continue to enjoy success with restaurateurs around the world (largely because of the simplicity of design and the universality of their appearance).

Some of these chairs are made from expensive types of wood, such as cherry or mahogany, and cheaper options are made from spruce, oak or a combination of several species. There are those that are outwardly very attractive, but not too practical in conditions of open cafe (quickly covered with rust). However, they are genuine samples of masterful execution – with intricate wrought backs, graceful legs and a unique charm.

The next type, which is worth mentioning, are folding chairs, usually made of available wood. They are very light and practical, extremely convenient for a country holiday. The very first criterion in choosing chairs should be the definition of the place of their service. In the sense that they will use either indoors or outdoors.

And if you are fond of hard chairs and seemed to be the most suitable, but you doubt that they are comfortable enough, refer to the simplest solution: add seat cushions.

Marais A chairs in the interior of a traditional dining room

Original a la bistro chairs in the kitchen of a country house

Dining kitchen in cafe style

Stylish modern chairs Blue Bistro

Vintage furniture in an open plan interior

Spectacular dining room with retro-overtones

Elegant a la bistro chairs in the corner for breakfast

As you can see, the variety of possible designs, if we talk about bistro style chairs, is very large. This means that the ideal model, if specially created for your home, always exists!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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