A new interpretation of the industrial and country style in the kitchen interior layout loft


This kitchen in loft style from Snadeiro is a vivid embodiment of a new and very interesting concept. Although the creation of this project, Snadeiro was inspired more by retro styles than new directions, the kitchen as a whole looks quite modern. All furniture present in it is made of natural materials with a coating that demonstrates the effect of artificial aging, and, of course, has a pronounced industrial character.

Such design elements as furniture and decorative elements made of patinated metal, impressive dimensions of the shelves and other furnishings made of natural wood, rustic style, received a completely new interpretation in the modern urban design of the kitchen interior, which is both coarse and elegant.

The decoration of this kitchen in loft style contains only the most necessary, which allowed designers to effectively use the area of ​​the room and keep it as free as possible.

Modern kitchen in the industrial style implies the presence of a large number of high-tech solutions. Thanks to its compact design, it can be placed in a small room and in a spacious room with an open layout.

The key features of this unique design are high quality of performance and modern trends, enclosed in a coarse shell of untreated surfaces, which significantly distinguishes the Snadeiro kitchen from its more familiar analogues and allows to focus primarily on its multifunctionality.

In this new concept, wood, metal and glass are combined in all possible variations. The result is a new and unique interior image with a very contradictory but harmonious character. One of the main aesthetic features is the effect of aging, especially pronounced on the metal surfaces of furnishings and on decorative elements made of glued wood.

For this interior solution, furniture and other Snadeiro furnishings are used, such as, for example, a kind of container for storing kitchen utensils and household appliances, which makes it possible to create a separate working area in the kitchen. It offers three possible solutions for convenient placement of built-in appliances (including even washing and drying machines).

Otherwise, it can be used as a food storage cupboard or cupboard for kitchen utensils, or in both of them simultaneously. Thanks to its unique design, this container will allow the hostess to conveniently place everything necessary in the daily kitchen life.

Two kitchen hoods included in this composition are also Snadeiro products. One of them is the model of Oslo, the creation of which the designers inspired the interior style typical of the northern European countries.

This peculiar accent made it possible to create in the new kitchen design the mood of a country house in the loft style. The second hood is the St.Petersburg model. Louis, made in a more urban style.

The design of the room looks quite complete and harmonious, but at the same time leaves some space for creativity. For example, the cabinets that are part of the kitchen set can be purchased in four different sizes, and the doors for them are produced with three types of coatings, each of which has its own texture. In these spacious cupboards you can store all the necessary utensils and equipment for cleaning.

Madly I liked this idea of ​​decorating the kitchen: everything looks so harmonious, natural, and at the same time modern and original! The color scheme also impresses me, it's very good that all shades and textures are combined, merging into a single unique design.

What I like about such kitchens is the space! To design a loft-style kitchen seems like an economical idea, but often it's deceptive ((In Snadeiro's kitchen everything speaks about the main purpose of the room – its functionality: large windows, high ceilings, the use of natural with the effect of aging wood and metal, glass, modern technology, multi-level lighting .

The area they used really effectively. Wood in the interior I really like. Anyway, when the kitchen is in dark colors, it's easier to keep clean. I think it would be nice to plant different greens on the shelves. And it would look very harmonious. and the spaciousness of the kitchen makes it possible to cook on a broad hand, and helpers will not be a hindrance.

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