A modern look at the stone in the interior of the kitchen


Stone in the interior of the kitchen emphasizes the beautiful illumination of the island

The stone in the interior of the kitchen is one of the trends of this year. Reconstruction with the subsequent transformation of industrial and storage facilities into residential objects is becoming an increasingly frequent phenomenon. Therefore, stone walls, which until recently were exclusively an attribute of outdoor decoration, find their place in the most intimate rooms of the house – bedrooms and bathrooms.

We offer you an acquaintance with 30 magnificent kitchens that exude the charm of a rustic style thanks to the presence of stone walls. Each of these interiors is an example of an uncomplicated combination of modern ergonomics and a complex, multifaceted aesthetics.

Smart modern kitchens

The stone wall in modern kitchen can be just an accent, a feature acting as a contrasting detail and correcting the character of space. But with a well-designed island, progressive cabinets and multicomponent lighting, this interior can turn into an authentic masterpiece of modern design.

Amazing kitchen with a sliding glass roof and island, repeating the bend of the wall

The shades of natural limestone are combined with a gray vaulted ceiling

The wall unites the kitchen space with a terrace in front of the pool

Open planning allows the natural landscape to be part of the kitchen interior

The modern island and light cupboards are combined with a charming rustic decor, in which shades of beige

Functional kitchen with thoughtful lighting and a wall lined with natural stone

Rural or farm kitchen

In these kitchens, the stone ceases to play the role of an accent supplement and becomes a natural feature that emphasizes style. Stone walls with a rough finish and asymmetric masonry are better suited for the creation of village images, and "farmer" interiors tend to gravitate to warm invoices.

The refined cuisine combined with the dining room attracts attention with a fireplace and lilac cupboards

The country style effectively exposes the exclusive La Cornue kitchen stove

Limestone gives space a feeling of ease

Classic European style makes the stone walls and limestone floor unique

The original combination of two different types of stone provides a new interpretation of traditional cuisine

Open ceiling beams and natural stone in the interior of a compact kitchen

Design inspired by the image of a mountain hut

The charm of a European castle in the interior of modern cuisine

Contrast walls form a dynamic combination

Comfortable kitchen is finished with limestone and wood of the same color

Cozy Mediterranean atmosphere

Ceiling beams, dark wood, warm, attractive colors and an abundance of elements with a pronounced texture. Beautiful Mediterranean cuisine is ideal for spending time with family. It can become a place of rest from the frenzied rhythm of everyday life and a genuine space of relaxation. Its traditional features blend perfectly with the stone.

Black plate and extractor form a focal center of the interior, very effective and original

Brick ceiling vaults – a sensational detail of the designer kitchen

The Mediterranean style is supported by the amazing decor of the walls

The original arched window framed by granite

Restored limestone makes a cozy kitchen incredibly fashionable and luxurious

Unplastered walls perfectly fit into the sunny image of the kitchen

Stone as a bright touch

A stone can take on the role of an additional accent. As an inexpensive, but high-quality alternative to natural stone, we suggest considering the facing tile.

Creative use of stone in modern white kitchen

Expressive interior combines classic and modern styles

Original design with open masonry and compact working area

An intricate interior in an industrial style is complemented by marble countertops

Unplastered walls of the old barn, converted into a modern extension

Accent wall of rock and coal in a compact interior

The wall of aventurine brings the charm of the rustic style to the industrial image of modern cuisine

Kitchen interior today – this is modern technology and ergonomics, present in every element. Expressive texture, beauty and uniqueness of the stone, working on contrast, only emphasize these features.

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