A magnificent combination of kitchen interior in country style with an 18 century fireplace


Working with the 222-year-old brick fireplace could scare many designers, but the specialists from Harmony Cabinets and Construction, who created an elegant kitchen interior in the country style, readily accepted the challenge. This house in Moorestown, New Jersey, built in 1790, kept a lot of unique parts, which were the primary concern of the masters. The center of attention in the kitchen was a massive brick fireplace, which received a new functionality as a stove. Classical furniture and furnishings have turned the open space into an elegant and comfortable kitchen, which will remain stylish after tens of years.

By the fireplace appeared and lighting. Opposite the large table with a bedside table, where pots and other large dishes are stored.

The wooden floor was covered with a translucent lacquer, giving the boards a reddish hue, more dark than the color of the brick. White interior details – columns, ceiling, partition between the windows, and bar stools – made the kitchen lighter and more spacious.

Designer Chris Ingram chose for the cabinets a "dust-blue" shade, which he called "the color of pouring jeans". Artificially aged decoration gave the cherry furniture a non-modern look, well combined with the interior of the XVIII century.

The cover of the table is a parquet mosaic of different shades, which echoes with the brickwork near the fireplace. The landlady did not want to use the standard furniture arrangement, which forms the traditional "working triangle". She ordered a spacious antique version, so the furniture and equipment are located along the walls.

The dishwasher is located to the left of the wall, and for the products – to the right of the fireplace, opposite the window. All floor cabinets designers covered with comfortable white marble work surfaces.

Rectangular panels, paneled doors and drawer cupboards do not have decorative elements.

Under the ceiling along the perimeter preserved wooden panels, painted in a shade of gloomy sky.

The fireplace shelf was decorated with decorative figurines and dishes. A bright teapot and a beautiful tray on the table can also be considered ornaments, like an openwork multi-tiered vase with fruit on the window – however, the stylish look does not reduce the functionality of these items. The table is illuminated by antique bronze lamps with glass pendants, adapted for electric bulbs. By the way, all working surfaces have additional local lighting.

Furniture from designers is distinguished by originality of solutions. To the high-ceilinged cabinets are placed mobile stairs. They slide along the rails under the mezzanine and move along the floor with the help of wheels.

The doorway is painted white, in the tone of the columns and window frames, but the staircase to the second floor is different from the kitchen. Light with a figure of a step emphasize their belonging to another part of the house.

As already mentioned, designers rationally used furniture and turned into decor the most common objects. Baskets for storing vegetables and other products decorated the corner of the kitchen. The creamy color of the vine gently combines with the cold "jeans" shade of the cabinets, refreshing it and making it more elegant, warmer. Interior in the style of country turned the old building into a real dream house.

Opposite the staircase, a wooden bench of a shade of gloomy sky, looking cozy-old, as well as much in this kitchen, was located. Below the seat are hidden drawers. Decorate this corner with a colored pillow and a long basket on the windowsill with fruits and berries. On each side of it – photos of the household: another symbol of coziness. The floor is covered with a small carpet with a floral pattern that separates the rest area from the kitchen and from the hallway.

A special comfort of the kitchen with an old fireplace gives a combination of colors. A warm tree and a cold gray-blue tone are counterbalanced by white, creating a space. The shabby, "faded" shade of furniture gives the whole room a scree of antiquity, as well as the central element of the kitchen – a fireplace.

Beautiful kitchen, where everything is in harmony with each other. Designers were able to pick up the kitchen for such an old thing as a fireplace, and they are perfect for each other. It seems that the kitchen set is also not new, but well preserved, because the kitchen is looked after and kept clean.

Beautiful design and design of the kitchen, I really like this style. And the use of a fireplace in the kitchen is just a wonderful, unsurpassed and original idea! Usually, everyone is accustomed to seeing this element in the living room or cozy bedroom. And in the kitchen, nothing worse! And the benefits are much greater.

The open fireplace in the kitchen will always be her heart (the central element of the interior). He brings comfort and peace. And the country style as well as possible emphasizes all the warmth and importance of the hearth for the hosts of the house.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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