A la bistro or kitchen design in the style of restless gatherings


The kitchen with the bistro interior is a sample of the classic French interior of the 18th century. It is curious that modern elements: chrome, cermets, technological household appliances and light fixtures are easy to take root in it!

Today we will try to take a fresh look at this old kitchen decor and learn how to take advantage of the bistro in a modern house.

The main trends in this direction: retro style, an abundance of marble and steel, stylized furniture and careful use of space! This is the perfect choice for a small apartment or studio!

Color spectrum

The most common color scheme for decorating classic kitchens-bistros is a black and white classic. Spacious light walls are accented with dark details: cabinets, table tops, tiles.

Sometimes the contrast is smoothed out, as in the example below. The black table is shaded by a gray ceramic tiled finish in the style of the metro, and complement the interior of the pearl panels at the top of the room.

And this example shows that simple checkered tiles can serve as an excellent background for black cabinets, furniture and hanging lamps.

Does the popularity of standard color solutions mean that bright colors in the interior should be avoided? Not at all! Kitchens-bistros may well differ in modern color execution: red, yellow, mint-blue shades of a color palette in an interior also will perfectly approach! Experiment in your own pleasure and stick to your own style!

Marble Coatings

In marble, there is something special! This material gives the atmosphere subtlety and nobility. The simplest example of its use in the interior of the kitchen – the decoration of the work surface and countertops – is presented in the photo below.

In fact, white marble with gray veins is one of the most favorite materials of the original French design. Please note that the solid table top made of a single piece of Carrara marble looks easy and elegant due to the free metal frame of the table.

Bistro style floor

Imagine your favorite cafe. What kind of sex is it? Parquet? Carpet? Or, after all, ceramic? It's not a secret that tiled bistro tiles are used to decorate the floor even in luxury restaurants.

An example of this design of the floor in the interior can serve Norwegian cuisine in the photo below: in the interior there are black and white elements. The result is a stylish and harmonious composition.

In fact, the black and white checkered floor has long and firmly associated with the interior of the Parisian diner. But in such a room there is a place for all the functions of modern cuisine.

Another extremely popular material for decorating the floors of the kitchen-bistro is the hardwood of the tree. Below we see a simple example of decorating a canteen of a country house, where artificially aged floorboards create an atmosphere of coziness and unhurried flow of time.


What can be better conveyed about the French sausage craps than the slate on the wall? For a special chic, you can chalk this week's menu! Also pay attention to the lighting: in the kitchen-bistro there should be several light sources. The best for this purpose is suitable for large antique chandeliers.

The dark surface of the slate is perfect for decorating the work area. And in order to enhance the artistic effect, you can write on it some literary utterance.

If you like this idea, you can completely cover one of the walls of the room with a slate! It will not only bring a special style, but will also become a field for creativity and self-organization.

Vintage posters

The antique posters give a special charm to the style of the bistro. It does not matter, the original is a good copy. Wall posters with food themes not only perfectly warm up the appetite, but create a special mood.

If buying an antique vintage poster you can not afford, you can do with a printed copy. For example, such as the charming reproduction of Debbie DeWitt in the photo below.

Cutlery made of stainless steel

Stainless steel is a beautiful and practical material. It combines modern functionality and the charm of antiquity. The abundance of steel parts in the kitchen not only makes it easy to maintain cleanliness, but also creates a solid and expensive appearance of the room.

The following design composition demonstrates a successful combination of steel with classic elements of the kitchen-bistro. Robert Miller, the developer of this project, is sure that kitchen appliances should not be hidden, but properly stylized.

Then the kitchen will cease to be just an auxiliary room and turn into a beautiful and comfortable room. By the way, the design was prepared by the order of the eminent chef, who conducts culinary shows here.


It was created in France at the beginning of the 20th century. Hector Guimard invented it and used it for the first time for the design of the Paris subway. So this tile and got its name. Later it was used everywhere, including in the decoration of kitchens-bistros!

Initially, the tile was designed for flooring. Later, she began to revet the walls and working area of ​​the kitchen – an apron. It is especially appreciated for its simple but stylish look.

Suspended lamps

Nothing so conveys the atmosphere of the bistro as pendant lamps! They not only place light accents in space, but visually add a height room.

Volumetric chandeliers and sconces are not just beautiful elements. They demarcate space into zones, provide additional illumination of working surfaces.

Viennese chairs

The easiest way to convert a kitchen is to buy Viennese chairs! The picture below shows one of the successful reproductions of this antique furniture. Instead of wood, aluminum alloy is used, and black lacquer gives the model a strict classical look of the bent wood. The original of the vintage chair was designed by Michael Tonet in the far 1859 year. Thanet family factories now produce more modern models.

Modern designers prefer to mix directions for beauty and convenience. So there were bistro chairs: tall and stylish, like bar stools, but elegant, like Viennese antiques.

And here is another reproduction of Tonet's classic works. When you look at her, the imagination paints pictures: in Paris, in the 19th century, the unruly wood was bent over the steam and got these amazing chairs! In fact, this is a modern collection and it is made of metal.

Bar chairs

Finish the interior will help the bar with its indispensable attributes – high stools. The photo below shows a successful example of the design of such chairs: the diamond pattern is a bright and bold solution for the classical interior, however, the harmony is preserved due to the classical color scheme and shape.

Surprisingly, the industrial style can also be applied in the kitchen-bistro! These chairs are made of tubular metal and processed with iron oxide. They are perfectly combined with the table frame and a large metal chandelier.

And these massive stools, as if they had just been brought from the factory! However, they easily found their place in this weightless and semi-transparent interior!

In order to decorate the kitchen bistro at home, do not need a lot of financial investment! A few precise elements are enough – and it will play with new colors! If the full marble surface finish is not included in your plans, purchase a separate table top. Or buy a marble cutting board and use it as a support for butter or spices. A vintage stone mortar with a pestle can also add elegance to your kitchen.

If you do not like stainless steel appliances, you can use any shiny objects: metal colander, chrome blenders and kettles. Add a picture with a tile pattern and a beautiful poster in the French style and – voila! – Your new kitchen-bistro is ready! A simple bowl can serve as a bowl with lemons or a flower in a pot.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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