A bold design solution has transformed the facade of the old house – behind the age-old brick walls is hidden ultra-modern kitchen


Today we offer to admire the result of a design renovation of the kitchen in the old house. A historic mansion with a unique decor during renovation is often able to lose its charm when it comes to re-building a cooking area. When in the London house, built in 1845, there was a need for modernization, the family turned to specialists. The agency Andrew Dunning was tasked to give the kitchen more functionality.

As a result, after the renovation, the kitchen looks amazing! It is full of sunshine. Here, white color was used as a universal method for expanding space. And earlier, when the owners came to the room for cooking, they had to turn on the light.

For a better design, other studios were involved. For example, the countertops are designed and supplied by Maia Worktops, the stove, refrigerator and wardrobe for wine cooling were modeled by Miele professionals, the washbasin and faucet belongs to Blanco, Westin specialists were involved in the extraction.

Speaking about the building as a whole, it was charming before, but it was too close to the cooking area. She was next to the dining room, the size of which, of course, seemed more than necessary. And on the territory of the building there was a barn and a laundry with a boiler.

The latter was moved inside to expand the kitchen area and make a kind of terrace.

Modern glazing emphasizes the stylish contrast of old brick and modern finishing materials. Sliding transparent doors of heavy-duty glass are connected to the opening by a reliable construction.

The existing fireplace in the interior and the basket with firewood complement the overall picture.

Square meters are evenly distributed between the dining room and the kitchen. Furniture and a chest of walnut on the background of white walls and tiled floors more than satisfy the tastes of fans of antiquity and supporters of modernity. The flooring from Reed Harris Tiles introduces additional refinement into the interior design.

Magnificent change of space, is not it, our dear readers?

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