9 the very best ideas to diversify the interior of your bedroom


Are you looking for a new image for your bedroom? Just one stroke can change its appearance.

We spend a lot of time in the room in which we sleep, so the desire from time to time to make any changes in the design of this small bedroom is entirely natural, whether they are dictated by following fashion trends or the desire to realize their own ideas.

1. Headboard draping

The easiest way to update the interior of the bedroom is to cover the head of the bed with a new cloth. The room will be transformed in a moment!

2. We decorate the wall

A mirror in a beautiful frame or a picture in pastel colors combined with subdued tones of the overall decor will create a special atmosphere. Any accessory, placed on the wall, can revive the bored interior.

3. Changing mood

Perhaps, it's time to take an interest in modern design trends. What colors and prints are now in vogue? How to re-adjust the lighting? Is textile still appropriate?

4. Animating the interior with a . rug!

Additional warmth to the image will give velvet softness to the carpet. And on the floor, and on the wall, it will look equally luxurious.

5. Bed dress

Almost a third of the life we ​​spend in bed, so it is so important, what details surround at this time. The coloring and material of bed linen, the size, shape and number of pillows – everything matters.

6. Dynamics creates . a wall!

Almost in every bedroom there is a partially or completely free wall – a vertical space, not filled with interior items and decor. A print featuring a bicycle leaning against the post office creates the illusion of a lack of physical barrier between the interior and the landscape. This is an illustration of how a wall from a normal white background can turn into a graphic design element.

But if you are not ready to decide on such a step, use stickers or wallpaper.

7. One is good, but two are better

The option with two single beds is ideal for a room for teenage children. Their plus is that they easily move around and take up a little space.

8. We paint the floor

Freshly painted, perfectly smooth and glossy floors look amazing! Of course, this is a fairly expensive upgrade option, but the effect is worth it, believe me! You will not regret at all!

9. Crazy act

Suppose you are planning a superficial cosmetic repair . Why not take a chance and do something out of the ordinary? Bright graffiti looks great in a minimalist interior, creating a contrast with the overall style.

Do not be afraid, make changes to the interior of your bedroom gradually, step by step, and you will definitely achieve success!

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The bedroom is a place where we do not spend much time, but this time is the most valuable for the whole day. Therefore, it is very important to make the interior dull and pleasing to the eye. I'm for making the decor as small as possible so that it does not load the room. This article lists the most reasonable ways to make this decor such. By the way, for a note, a white bed, as scientists have shown, helps to quickly fall asleep.

Very fresh ideas for bedroom decor. Just beyond my imagination is the wall in the headboard completely covered with bright graffiti. Very unusual and affordable approach. The painting of the floor made the room even more and added freshness.

I liked the idea with the back cover of the bed. Since this does not require large costs and the room immediately becomes more colorful and cozy

Thank you, very interesting options to diversify the interior of the bedroom. I will adopt a few ideas. A beautiful print with a picture of a bicycle, diversified and cheered the room.

Interesting and quite useful tips, it's worth noting the print on the wall – it's very stylish and looks great. The main thing is to choose a drawing.

Drapering the headboard is something that can be changed almost every month. And each time the room will look fresh and fresh.

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