9 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas


Recently, among the numerous homeowners and designers, the main trend of decorating the kitchen is the organization of a calm, serene and functional space.

In today's story, we'll bring to your attention nine solutions that will allow you to refresh this zone and give it an aesthetically attractive look.

Gone are the times when these household appliances were located above the hob or oven. Today, the most popular models are built in the furniture set. They can be installed at the level of the hands or in the lower cupboards, which makes it possible for the hostess to easily get hot dishes.

Project from Turan Designs, Inc.

They allow you to maximize every inch of space of unusual furniture for the placement of dishes and culinary supplies. Special devices can keep the plates from slipping when you open and close the drawers.

Design by Woodale Designs Ireland

You can easily equip them in any corner of the kitchen. In particular, they will look wonderful in a niche under the sink.

Decoration from Glenvale Kitchens

Dry, polished or heat-treated granite will give a gentle glow to the table top. Recently, this option of decoration has become particularly popular with numerous homeowners.

Interior from Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

This version of home decor provides maximum functionality and practicality in use for the hostess. In addition, the apron can complement the furnishings and give the kitchen a fresh modern look.

Furniture from RemodelWest

This solution allows you to optically fill the space with volume and ease.

A masterpiece from Home Systems, Wendi Zampino

The use of cabinets to the ceiling in the tone of the wall surface will not only visually increase the space of the apartments, but also provide a multitude of shelves and niches for storing dishes, culinary supplies and products.

Design by Venegas and Company

Mistresses always love the kitchen, which can easily be kept clean. Hard surfaces are easier to wipe than ceramic tiles. At the same time, such material can give the apartments a calm and laconic appearance.

Décor by Fifth Element Homes

Natural stone – this is another great option for creating a smooth and seamless apron. In the next photo you can see the decor of the walls of chocolate shade, made with the use of tinted marble. He gives warmth and grace to this white kitchen.

Design by Glenvale Kitchens

Modern furnishings look impressive not only with a stone slab in the finish of the plinth, but also with exquisite marble panels that give the atmosphere a classic look.

Interior from Paul Moon Design

The painted glass apron looks great in combination with a snow-white wooden set.

Decoration by Chris Snook

Compact devices allow you to store alcohol at a suitable temperature. If you do not have a wine cellar, such a refrigerator installed in the lower cabinets will be a wonderful solution.

A masterpiece from MainStreet Design Build

Form several zones: for breakfast, cooking, festive meals or work.

The idea from Camber Construction

These pieces of designer furniture will provide enough space for storing utensils, utensils and household appliances that are rarely used.

Idea from Lawrence and Gomez Architects

Place the glass panels in the cabinet doors and light them from the inside. This solution will elegantly arrange beautiful accessories and vases.

Decoration from Rossington Architecture

We have presented to your attention the magnificent ideas for decorating the kitchen area, which are very popular nowadays.

And did you like these decor ideas for the house? Would you like to use them for the decoration of your own apartment?

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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