8 unique solutions for optimizing the design of kitchen cabinets – progressive alternatives to standard designs


Resign the kitchen cabinets in a standard design – with swing doors and drawers. You can have furniture that uses every square centimeter, disguises potentially dirty areas or accentuates unique details.

We will show a variety of kitchen cabinets, which qualitatively improve the design of the room.

These are curved drawers that are located in the corner. Now you do not need to bend and crawl on your knees to get the necessary inside the corner cabinet. Such a modification opens full access across the whole area and completely solves the problem of space.

Consider replacing your swinging doors with sliding doors. They glide along the tracks from side to side on bearings. Slide one door to the other to access the inside of each compartment. This system may be more comfortable than traditional in some ways, but it will not be possible to completely open the shelves, as is possible with the design on the side hinges.

In addition, some homeowners do not like the presence of guides and limiters in such a mechanism. Look, this hardware is painted in bronze for a more organic perception.

This type of opening systems can be used not only in the case of interior openings. Set it to hide the most intensively used areas of the kitchen. A small inner pocket (usually about 75 cm) is built into each side of the case.

When the doors are open, they look like any other, but when closed – they slide back to themselves. They are ideal for the kitchen – you do not touch the furniture or feet with your hand.

Hydraulic furniture accessories

Hydraulic furniture fittings, not you, lift the lid up. They are widely popular among European furniture manufacturers. Such a modification is perfectly suited for specialized areas, such as a place for a microwave oven, where the door should open completely.

Another type of sliding structure. Such doors slide horizontally to the right and left, revealing storage areas. Technically, this is possible thanks to the special loops attached at the top, middle and bottom.

This modification is ideal for masking everyday objects, such as a blender, a toaster, a coffee maker. Usually they open from the top down (there are variations – from side to side, sliding – up and down the path of the body). Thin horizontal strips with a cloth substrate at the time of closing are folded into the inside of the device.

Both transparent facades and glass boxes can advantageously emphasize the headset and make it as organized as possible. In such transparent sections, dry food is conveniently stored – demonstrating them is part of the design.

The branches for the show are not very large in size. This was invented specifically so that the space was always full. And behind it are full-fledged storage systems.

Be creative – do not be afraid to show your style. Here old-fashioned vegetable and fruit boxes have turned into surprisingly innovative baskets for storing things. They do not fit every style, but only for those who love something extravagant and unusual.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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