8 design options for a stylish corner for your home office


In today's article, we will introduce you to the unmatched options for decorating a beautiful and functional corner for creativity and study that will appeal not only to children, but to their parents.

Let's look at the presented photos and pay attention to the amazing decor ideas and ideas realized by the brilliant specialists in the following creative projects.

Want to equip your child with a comfortable and peaceful place where he can do homework in silence. Today we will acquaint you with the most interesting and unusual ideas of the transformation of this corner.

A large dining table is an excellent place for work, painting and creative activity. You can cook dinner and watch your baby at the same time. Complement the suite with a cozy sofa and comfortable chairs.

Kitchen from Lisa Wilson

Here is another room reserved for extra-curricular work of schoolchildren and students. This place is accented with a light blue color in the decor of the walls, which makes it possible to visually separate it from the rest of the sleeping room. The table is located near the panoramic window, which allows to illuminate the working area remarkably.

Cabinet in stylistics fusion

Pay attention to the following amazing use of space! A large staircase or a little used corner in your home can turn into an ideal place for study, work and creativity.

The built-in bookcase is also a great snug to hide the dictionary, thesaurus and atlas.

Stairway from Visbeen Architects

This room is for three twins. Each workspace was equipped with a table, a comfortable wooden chair, a cork board for fixing notes and a list of important cases, as well as shelves for books and a lamp. Between them was a stylish furniture with closed niches for storing papers and other office supplies.

Child from Visbeen Architects

Do you have a built-in wall cabinet that can be converted into a home office? No mess and fuss you do not interfere, just close the door when this space is not used.

The next photo of the mall was equipped with massive wooden doors, as well as an elegant stool and original shelves with decorative trim.

Cabinet from Bess Jones Interiors

Maybe your children are easily distracted? Provide for each kid his own personal place, where he will be able to do homework and draw or sculpt.

Look at the following photo. The tables are located in opposite directions, with the children sitting with their backs to each other. The space between them is complemented by a rack with open shelves, on which common textbooks and materials are stored.

Cabinet by Kristie Paul

Arrange a double office for yourself and your baby. You can do work and simultaneously observe the child. Decorate this room with snow-white creative furniture, modern appliances and bright blue high chairs.

Savvy Interiors Project

A cozy place with colorful accessories and interesting design attracts children's attention. A simple bookcase in the corner of the kitchen or in the hall can easily be transformed into a comfortable reading and sculpting corner.

We presented to your attention a selection of stunning options for decorating a beautiful and practical corner for the study of children. And did you like these ideas of decorating the house? Tell us, where do your children do their homework?

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Most often there is no space for a creative corner in the house, so I consider it worthy to place it on a staircase (if there is a window) or use a sofa in the kitchen for this purpose.

I liked the third photo – usually this place under the stairs is occupied with old things or other garbage. And here the designers created a beautiful and functional corner for creativity. The place for reading at the window is simply amazing – bright, comfortable.

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