8 design ideas for kitchen countertops made of granite – the beauty of timeless stone in a stylish interior


Kitchen countertops made of granite – what could be better? They are beautiful, pleasing with a variety of color shades, however, they are heavy. Whether you plan to update the entire kitchen or only a part of it – our tips will help you make the right choice.

Cool for a hot day

The product is fresh with freshness, its gray tone blends well with the watery-blue hues of the kitchen apron and the whitewashed wood of the cabinets. Add here stainless steel appliances, gray-blue glass tiles – and hot summer days you will spend only in this room!

With what to combine

It is known that granite is a natural stone, so it will be a good idea to combine it with other materials of natural shades. In the photo, the kitchen island is greenish and contrasts with the white cupboards. The warm gray color of the walls is well matched, complementing the same shade of granite, shell and household appliances.

Warm key

The worktops of soft brown shade look beautiful in the environment of a saturated color scheme of the room: dark gray and cappuccino. White coloring of some furniture elements does not allow space to become heavy.

White and gray

Thanks to the color combination, the interior style is fresh and modern. The gray countertop is accented with white cabinets and a ceiling. Light gray tile flooring softens cold shades.

The black granite countertops on the second photo look smooth and perfectly combined with white furniture, wooden floors and warm walls.

Black, Gray and White

Another good option of color combination. Absolutely black polished granite stands out against the background of grayish walls and white furniture.

Warm white

The elegant style of the kitchen is maintained thanks to the white shade of granite, reminiscent of marble – the top of beauty and wealth! Suspended light fixtures and white ceilings give a sense of freedom and limitless space.

Sea spray and a bottle of gin

Using two shades of the same color is a great way to bring depth and bring additional interest to the room. Delicate mineral-green walls give softness to the space, and the bottle coloring of the kitchen island focuses attention in the center of the room. The wood floor completes the style with warmth and sets the cozy relaxation.

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