7 rules the correct design of the kitchen, which will help you lose weight – an unusual point of view of a famous nutritionist


Today we will tell you how the design of the kitchen can affect our lifestyle, our attachments, which lead to the fact that we are unnoticeably but steadily gaining extra weight.

Leading expert in the field of food behavior, Professor Cornell University Brian Wansink in his new book outlined solutions for everyday life that will help us get rid of bad habits and help in our desire to lose weight.

There are traps in the house that are forced to eat more even when we do not realize it. For example, a comfortable chair in front of the TV, and next to a mountain of crunchy flakes on a plate can affect us and deprive us of willpower.

Here are some tips from this work.

1. On the table only fresh fruit. All other products should not be in sight

After eight months of research, the conclusion was drawn: women who have food at hand, especially cereal boxes, weigh an average 21 kilogram more than the rest of the ladies.

In another study sweets were removed from the table. Then the respondents daily began to eat an average of 74 calories less. As a result, they did not get 2-3 kilograms per year.

2. Perfect order

Remove all unnecessary, and not just food, but also newspapers, books, mail, gadgets and much more, which is not the place. This is subject to a combined kitchen-dining room. Studies have shown that in disorder and turmoil people eat at 44% more.

3. Colors of the room

75% of homeowners prefer neutral and soft tones. It turns out that the white space of the kitchen stimulates the desire to eat.

At the same time, a dark room with pleasant music encourages people to stay an average of 9 minutes and eat even a little more. In addition, the darker it is, the stronger this desire.

Therefore, it is best to use green, blue or any other design in the kitchen design, except for white and cream color.

4. Organization of kitchen space

It should be such that it does not encourage the desire to stay here for a long time. First of all, you need to remove the comfortable chairs, TV, tablet. After all, as the author of the book emphasizes, the longer you stay in the kitchen, the more you will eat.

5. The optimal organization of the cooking process

Sink, refrigerator close to it, stove: everything should be located so that it is convenient and easy at any time to quickly prepare food, especially vegetable dishes.

6. Best placement, location of products

We need to review the storage systems of products. In the closet and in the refrigerator in the most prominent place should be healthy food. The rest is best stored in containers. If less healthy food is removed from sight, then people start eating more vegetables and fruits.

Sometimes it is better to store the pantry in another room, and, perhaps, away from the refectory. A favorite food for children – sweets, chips, popcorn – should be stored in a separate closet, inaccessible to adults.

7. The size of burners plates, pots and plates

It is necessary to revise all the dishes for cooking and consuming food. On average, people eat about 90% of everything that is on the plate. Usually, this dish is about 30 cm in diameter and subconsciously it fills almost to the brim.

The size of the burner and pots can also affect the amount of food eaten. One glass of pasta (50 g) contains about 300 calories. In a wide saucepan and on a large hotplate these pasta look like a miserable snack and cause a desire to add at least a spoon. If you do this only once a day, then you will eat about 80 extra calories.

In a wide and deep bowl, the portion on average is 17% higher, which means that the calories will be more – by 14%. This can be confirmed by an example. If the juice is poured into two glasses: wide and narrow, then in the wide one there will always be a drink more.

The author of the study says that it is impossible to foresee everything. In it, he gives an 100-grade checklist, which allows homeowners to assess how well their kitchen is equipped. If you score 60 points and higher, then the kitchen helps achieve your goal – do not gain excess weight.

For example, the positive factor is added by the fact that someone does not have a microwave oven or is in another room: in this case the person weighs less.

People are overweight and know what a great daily effort of will requires keeping it in the right size. But it seems to me, it is much easier to change the kitchen design once and for all in accordance with the specified tips.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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