6 ideal places for the competent placement of a home mini-office – photos and examples


Not every homeowner can afford a separate office, but the beauty of a home office is that it can be integrated into any space.

It is more difficult to make it so that the room remains harmonious, and does not show internal contradictions. The Interiors site of the rooms offers you to familiarize yourself with several variants of a unified planning for a dual purpose.

1. Guest bedroom. The symbiosis of home office and guest bedroom is quite common and not devoid of meaning. In a break between the visits of nonresident relatives or friends, this space will perfectly cope with the role of the office.

Built-in cabinets should form the basis of such an interior. A few boxes leave empty, so that guests had places to put their things. Fill in the rest with documents and writing materials.

The sliding table top will not take up much space, but it will save the fragile equipment from the impact of the bulky suitcase of a suddenly coming Auntie.

To make the most effective use of every centimeter of your office's area in the bedroom, buy a sofa bed, not a bed. An elegant model in the photo is located in the recess of the built-in wardrobe. Here you can not only work independently, but also hold meetings.

Designing this room, designers have relied on socially-oriented elements: a fireplace, bookshelves and a variety of upholstered furniture. A convenient but fairly simple desk recedes into the background, complementing the interior, but not competing with its central composition.

The writing desk should correspond to the general style of the interior, then it will not attract unnecessary attention. A vintage pattern in this photo is supplemented by an antique armchair and a mirror.

Many can be confused by the lack of natural light, because cabinets usually do not have windows. If the dressing room is on the top floor of the house, you can install a ceiling window, and in other cases, the situation will be corrected by a thoughtful and creative approach to the choice of fixtures.

On the other hand, noisy games and tight timing are not the best combination. But if you manage to develop a schedule that satisfies all parties, the office in the family room can be very convenient.

Especially if its interior is approximately the same as in the photo: the storage compartments for toys under the seats of the benches allow you to keep order during working hours.

Even if this need arose just in the middle of a family dinner. You can just buy a cabinet with compartments for storing all sorts of things – from writing accessories to a laptop.

If the kitchen area allows, this versatile cabinet can be supplemented with a folding table top and a comfortable armchair.

It is much more logical to make a mini-office part of the dining set, and complement it with a low stool that is easy to clean into a niche under the window. During parties, you can clean your laptop and use the table as a bar counter.

If you can not adapt the existing furniture, you should pay attention to something like this old-fashioned secretary with a folding table top. Its elegant design fits into any interior, and the design will create a full-fledged mini-office with a storage system.

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