50 ways to create a stylish kitchen island with open shelves


A stylish kitchen island with open shelves is not an easy task. Many of us will not be able to get used to them, because we lack accuracy. Closed furniture is much more convenient – there you can clean up all the mess. However, this element of the interior opens up many new opportunities. While cabinets with doors and hidden appliances are most familiar, open shelves add freshness and novelty to classic design.

When they are created, the styles, shapes and methods of finishing can vary, and if the stores do not have what you are looking for, you can always contact the private craftsmen who will perform any work to order. Let these 50 exclusive solutions inspire you to change in your interior!

Books, books and more books

Open shelves – this is an excellent platform for an elegant demonstration of your cookbooks, especially if you decorate them with decorative elements. This gives the space a pinch of uniqueness, so it is often used in our time. Large rooms allow you to combine different types of shelves, not too carried away by them and not filling the whole place with empty cabinets.

Modern kitchen with industrial-style lamps and white island with open shelves (Design: Diane Bergeron Interiors)

Align the open shelves with enclosed cabinets for a stunning effect (Design: Abode Architects)

A convenient place for kitchen shelves (Design: Tara Seawright)

Kitchen island with bookshelves, worthy of applause (Design: Mata Design Studio)

Rustic style kitchen with a charming island (Design: Godrich Interiors)

Another original idea is to turn a kitchen island into your small personal library, by placing a living room next to it and creating a cozy reading corner in it. Instead of culinary literature there can be your personal book collection. Since the kitchen is, as a rule, the center of social life at home, this solution is very ergonomic.

Creative use of space

Think about how you can focus on open shelves in other, less obvious ways. For example, choose a unique form or a non-trivial way of using them. You can put your elegant collection of wine there or put wood there, which will be a very unusual decorative solution. To make things look more neat, you can put them in boxes.

Amazing kitchen island with open shelves and smooth steel worktop (Roundhouse)

Exposition of the wine collection on open shelves (Design: General Assembly)

Islet, where firewood is stored, in the beach style kitchen (Design: Johnson + McLeod Design Consultants)

A restored vintage chest of drawers, transformed into a unique islet for the kitchen (Design: Alison Hammond Photography)

Charming exposition

This design move gives you a unique opportunity to add to your house an exposition that will become the central element of the kitchen. First of all you need to empty the shelves – this will allow you to better understand what you want. Do not stop on books – consider, for example, vases, pots, frying pans and utensils, which will revive the kitchen island and will be combined with its color scheme.

Another option – to design everything in a single theme, palette or style. But you will need a lot of time and effort to achieve harmony of space.

Open shelves – fabulous kitchen element (Design: Period Homes)

Black and white kitchen design with a touch of modernity (Design: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design)

Kitchen island of cherry tree with an exposition of fine dishes (Design: Normandy Remodeling)

Shells and corals create a tropical atmosphere (Design: At Home and Company)

Cozy traditional cuisine (Design: Gatling Design)

Small and open islands

Do not think that you will not get anything out of the above because of the fact that you have a small apartment. In small kitchens with open shelves, they emphasize the light and airy atmosphere in an elegant manner. Another option is to select an island that looks like an industrial-style table, and add drawers for storing utensils at the bottom. This is a simple and convenient solution for optimizing space.

Kitchen island with open shelves of cherry wood (Design: Anna Berglin Design)

A small kitchen island with open shelves in a white kitchen (Design: Erotas Building Corporation)

A small modern kitchen with shelves for efficient use of space (Design: Thibaut and Thewood)

Vintage Kitchen (Marchi)

Custom Made Kitchen in Classic Style (Artichoke)

Complete the style of your kitchen

No doubt, islands with open shelves look great everywhere. If your kitchen is made in a single design, then the new element will simply become a highlight. Industrial style and shabby chic perfectly complemented by steel and copper dishes, and their modern options are well framed with ceramics. There you can place corals, seashells and other marine elements, creating a beach or ship environment, while Scandinavian design requires more modesty and pretentiousness.

The combination of industrial and Mediterranean elements (Design: Nosy Parker)

The sill on the bracket is the perfect solution for breakfast (Design: FGY Architects)

Elegant kitchen island with dark open shelves (Design: Croma Express Kitchens)

The black granite countertop is the center of attention in the white kitchen (Design: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design)

An industrial-style kitchen with a wardrobe and an island with open shelves (Design: Actual-Size Architecture)

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