50 bedroom designs that went beyond the ordinary


The head can be turned into a desktop

Greetings, dear readers. It's not just about the bedrooms, but about the master's room. Usually, this is the largest room in the house, so it should pay special attention.

Some elements will prevail in the design

Bedside tables can be found original alternatives

Do not obstruct a magnificent view of furniture

In addition to the bed, there must be a work or dressing table in the bedroom

The view of the room depends entirely on the type and location of the bed. Try to place the bed opposite the front door. The diagonal arrangement of the bed can take up too much space.

Bedside tables should not only be comfortable, but also add room colors and textures. Carefully refer to the size of the thumbs.

Do not forget the ceiling. It must be original and interesting. For example, you can leave uncovered support beams that will give the room a rustic style. If you decide to paint the ceiling in the original color, then the walls should be neutral.

Focus on the headboard

If there is a balcony or terrace, do not block the entrance to it

It is not necessary to use clear delineation of different zones

Separate the rest area

Bedside pouffes will betray coziness

You can select TV-zone

Original ceiling design

Add bright details

Combine the bedroom and bathroom

Do not forget about the paintings

Correct curtains will betray harmony

Since basically we spend time in the bedrooms in the early morning or evening, lighting is extremely important. The light in the bedroom should be warm and slightly dull, but sufficient for a comfortable pastime.

Often in the owner's room there are rest areas. It can be a small coffee table with chairs. A more original idea can be a suspended chair or a bookshelf stylized as a tree.

The TV should be at a comfortable height

The fireplace will add comfort and warmth

It can become the central part of the room

Do not cover the beautiful view

Do not forget about the bedside lamps

Beams can be as rustic or as a detail of modern, depending on the style of the room

Choose calm colors

A huge bed is an element on which the whole design of the room depends

In a spacious room, a seating area can serve as a reception area for guests

On the wide window sill you can read or meditate

The bedside table can flow into the recreation area

The chandelier will give the room an elegance

A writing desk, a fireplace and even a sofa can fit perfectly into the bedroom

The place for reading should be as close as possible to the window

Rest zone can be any size

Built-in lighting is great for bedrooms

It is important to choose the right patterns

TV and fireplace are often combined

Curtains will help to limit too bright sunlight

Furniture should be a continuation of the overall style

The absence of a canopy makes the bed interesting and less bohemian

Cozy will give natural materials – wood and stone

The natural light must be combined with the artificial

The bedroom can be bright and without aggressive colors

Bright colors visually expand the room

Blending of styles is allowed

Accents can be arranged using color and pattern

A large relaxation area will insist on relaxation

You can use many ways for lighting – table and floor lamps, chandeliers and so on.

If the room has a fireplace, arrange chairs and benches next to it

Using the details, give the room a character

Light curtains will give the room an ease

Correctly use a high ceiling

In a small room it is important to use the space competently

There are many ways to add paints

Interesting ceiling adds personality

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