5 options for building kitchen design using open shelves


Open shelves for several years remain one of the main trends in kitchen design. Capacious, light and laconic, they help to structure the interior and establish a visual connection between its parts.

The main advantage of open shelves, which is that they allow you to keep objects in sight, is also a cause for concern. How to make so that open shelves bring the maximum benefit and remained thus neat and attractive?

Our article offers you to get acquainted with several successful examples of decorating kitchen interiors with the help of open shelves. Of course, you can not realize all these ideas within the same space, but one of them is sure to please you. Look, choose and create the kitchen of your dreams.

One or two colors

This strategy is more than understandable. Given that the contents of the open shelves are always on the general review, it must be done so that it does not interfere with the interior. The simplest and most accessible tool that allows you to link the components of space to each other is color.

Using dishes or accessories of just one or two shades, you can demonstrate to others that all items on the shelves are not picked up by chance, but in accordance with the palette of decor.

This reception is particularly well illustrated by monochrome interiors in general. Look closely at the photo: yellow and white dishes set the tone for the color design of this kitchen, and not just support it.

Simple shelves

Regardless of what will be stored on them, the shelves made in a simple design will provide the interior with a holistic, harmonious look. They will not draw attention to themselves and contradict the aesthetics of the items placed on them.

Before us is an example of an eclectic design in which bright things of different purposes dominate the laconic white shelves. We see only a fragment of this delicious cuisine, and we can only guess how much joy it is delivered to its owners on a daily basis.

Flat tile apron

Not every homeowner agrees to replace most of his utensils in connection with the installation of open shelves. To completely dissimilar in form and purpose, objects did not contribute to the design of dissonance, it is necessary to make the apron plain.

The owners of this kitchen chose the classic rectangular tile "mini", which allows the interior to remain free and tidy, despite the presence of a large number of different things.

Less is more

To be sure that open shelves in your kitchen do not look cluttered, refuse to decorate them at all. Just put on them only what you use every day. Of course, if all these things are consistent in one color, the result will be more impressive.

The style of the kitchen as the determining factor in the choice of design

If your addiction to a certain style is traced in the design of different parts of the house, and the kitchen, including, do not go into design experiments when choosing shelves.

Farmer or industrial interior is unlikely to tolerate the presence of elements with minimalist aesthetics. The appearance of the shelf consists of a form, color, material, decoration and decorative details, and each of these components must be taken into account, evaluating its compatibility with a particular style. Presented in the photo, the country-style kitchen is a good example of a harmonious, balanced and absolutely logical design.

The most important and sometimes most difficult rule regarding open shelves is that they should be kept in perfect order, otherwise the interior will instantly acquire a slovenly appearance. Observing it, you can be proud of the fashionable and practical design of your kitchen for many years.

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